Task 9: Write a letter

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“Send me a letter with the A4 sheet you wrote out in it.”

When I was a teenager, most of my friends lived on the internet. I was incredibly close to them and since there was a big distance between us, I would sometimes write letters or send postcards because it’s fun to receive something physical in the mail. Getting this task while Roxy and I were unable to see each other therefore felt very fitting and I was looking forward to writing the letter.

However, when the day came, I felt a little self-conscious about writing it as I didn’t want it to become all about me. Letters are rather introspective and while that might be a good thing, I didn’t want to start boring Roxy. (I mean, I was probably overthinking but you know…)

As a result, I didn’t start writing it until 8 pm, which meant it was way too late to still send it and I figured I would just drop it through her letterbox the next day.

Special envelope

Before I wrote the letter I made Roxy an envelope to make the letter a little bit more special. I once wrote about how I sent 15 letters to my ex in envelopes that I folded with a heart and thought I could do something like that. However, I figured Roxy might find a heart a little too cheesy, so I looked up a tutorial for an origami envelope.

Once I finished the envelope, I finally started writing and touched upon my appreciation for these ten days of tasks, as it helped pass the time that she had to be in self-isolation for, and the time that we couldn’t see each other. From there, I began writing something about how she often surprises me at the moment with the affection and care she’s showing me. Not because it surprises me that she is caring, but because I never thought anyone could feel that towards me or that I deserved it.

As I was writing it I suddenly started crying, taken by the emotional weight of my own words. I let it wash over me and felt a deep sense of love I was hoping to convey in this letter.

Posting it

Once I finished, I put it in the envelope and took a picture at my own front door as I thought it’d be rather creepy for me to go up to her flat and take one, ha! I delivered it the next day and Roxy told me later that she saved it for a bad day so that when she’d open it there’d be something to cheer her up.

She sent me a message after she read it, saying she thought it was beautiful and that it had nearly made her cry. I didn’t tell her that I actually cried as I wrote it but hearing that made me very happy.

Xx Mila

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