Task 8: Balance a bowl with pee on your foot

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“Pee into a bowl. Balance the bowl on your foot and balance on one leg. If it drops in under a minute, lick it off the floor.”

I feel like this task was set up with the intention that I would fail. While the same seemed to be true for the line writing task, this one held slightly bigger stakes. Spanking oneself or drinking one’s own pee is quite different!

I have, of course (lol), tasted my own pee in the past. The catfish made me drink my own pee from a bottle as I walked around the neighbourhood, but I’ve also made a video on my Onlyfans for fun, in which I pee in a bowl and then drink it. I don’t think Roxy knows about that one, as I did it months before I even met her.

Giving it a go

Unsurprisingly, I went to the bathroom to execute this task. I set up my phone to film it, then stepped back into the frame and squatted down to pee in the bowl. It had been several hours since I had last gone to the toilet, as I had played a football match that day. It made it really easy for me to pee and once the bowl was filled, I prepared myself to put it on my foot.

It took me about 30 seconds to find the right spot to balance it on. A little uncertain, I let go of the wall that I had kept myself balanced with and then stood on one leg while staring at the yellow liquid in the bowl.

Task 8: Balance a bowl with pee on your foot

Watch the video on my Onlyfans!

Surprisingly do-able

I felt quite steady, actually. Maybe I’ll be able to do this!

I looked at the seconds counting down on my phone and told myself to ignore the time. The longer I stood there, the more wobbly my leg got and as I couldn’t help but check the seconds tick by, I felt the imminent fear that I might actually drop it. Every time that thought drifted to the foreground I told it off: No, there’s no need for you to drop this bowl. You are perfectly balanced. You’ll be fine! 

And guess what? My own pep talk actually worked because I did not drop the bowl and I did not have to lick up my own pee!


Task 8: Balance a bowl with pee on your foot

Watch the video on my Onlyfans!

I sure felt well proud of myself and if you watch the video, I think you can start seeing me smirk halfway through as I realised I was going to make it. My Mistress then tweeted something that I guess was only expected. Next time my tasks obviously need to be more difficult…

I asked a friend if she could try out balancing a bowl on her foot and she came back with the conclusion that it’s easy if you balance it on your toes but really quite hard when you don’t do that. Judging by that, I think I did quite well, since I did not use my toes, but then maybe it’s different for everyone?


Xx Mila

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17 Replies to “Task 8: Balance a bowl with pee on your foot”

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  2. Vin len

    That is fabulous . There s no way i could do that@! Even 20 years ago when i was 29. That said Mila, you re wonderful. Remind me what youth really is!

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  4. vin l

    i actually did try it lol .must be getting silly (ier) with age!. in a cow barn … ! managed it for all of 33 seconds. !!

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