Task 10: Cook for yourself

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“Cook yourself an elaborate and delicious 3 course meal of your choice.
Find recipes for me to approve if it’s elaborate and special enough. When you eat it, wear something nice so you feel good.”

A poor diet

When the day came to do this task, I felt a massive dread to execute it. I’ve been struggling to eat healthy over the past couple of months. I don’t know if it’s covid, general depression or still an effect from the fallout of the catfish but I still haven’t got over it. Roxy knows this, so it makes a lot of sense that she set me this task. Self care is incredibly important and I’ve been lacking it in the food department.

Choosing dishes

Thanks to a friend, I’ve been able to try out Hello-fresh for free and one of the recipes this week was Indonesian inspired tofu curry.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Indo-European and my grandparents are from Indonesia. This means that whenever my grandmother cooked for me and my sister, she would cook Indonesian food, which is absolutely delicious. Due to Covid, I haven’t been able to see my family for one and a half year and thus I’ve also been missing out on my grandmother’s Indonesian food. I thought it might be fitting to design this three course meal around what she might have made.

For the starter, I decided to make king prawns wrapped in ham, then dipped and fried in egg white. This is one of my favourite things when my grandmother cooks and I learned how to make it as a teenager.

Task 10: Cook for yourself

For the main, I followed the Hello-fresh recipe, which was simple enough to make and came out looking pretty nice. It has rice, pok choi, green beans, tofu, chilli and a certain set of spices that came with the package.

Task 10: Cook for yourself

As a dessert, I opted for some strawberries with whipped cream and powdered sugar. I don’t think this is Indonesian in any way and it’s not really cooking but it’s the dessert grandma always gave us so it seemed fitting. Additionally, I wasn’t sure I would be able to eat something heavy after the first two.

Task 10: Cook for yourself

Luckily, Roxy was happy with these choices and approved them so I could go ahead and start the task.


I forgot to put on something nice to make the dinner but remembered to wear a nice dress while eating. I somehow feel a bit shy about the dress I chose to wear so I’ve only posted the picture of this on my Onlyfans. It’s strange how nice it actually made me feel doing this. Both the cooking and appreciation thereof made me feel better and I felt accomplished afterwards.

I would like to do this more often, but it is definitely something I struggle with. I’m grateful for Roxy setting the task so I was reminded of its positive effects.

Xx Mila

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13 Replies to “Task 10: Cook for yourself”

  1. Cousin Pons

    What a very thoughtful task. Lovely to read about your Indonesian heritage and the meals your grandmother cooked. The ones you cooked looked delicious and I’m glad it made you feel good. I am intrigued by what your dress looks like 🙂

      • Vin len

        Hi Mila. You have a beautiful dynamic with Roxy. It’s interesting how shes your Mistress and is also your friend?
        I dont cook much. i can boil an egg.can fry a sausage.
        But then I see at doc. N he weighed me. im 5 9 . N 14 ish stone. So maybe i need not brag my eating habits@!

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  3. Vin len

    Btw… just think of it now i mention doc.
    i had a friend died recently. Colon cancer. 46 years old.
    No symptoms. Nothin. Dead weeks after diagnosis.
    People o er 40 or so should get colonoscopy done. Ya never hear a thing about colon cancer hardly. But its asymptomatic also lethal

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