Task 9: A Clothespins Zipper

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“Have you ever put rope under pegs and torn off the pegs? Make a line of pegs with string or rope underneath across your breasts, including the nipples and pull them off.”


Task 9: A Clothespins Zipper

Task 9: A Clothespins Zipper

Full video and more pictures on Onlyfans here and here.

I think Roxy likes pegs. I haven’t used pegs in so long and now suddenly, I am all the time! The marks they leave stay pretty. I’d been wanting to try pulling of clothespins with a string at some point and kept it off because of the effort. Is that the real reason why submissives need a dominant? Because otherwise, we’re too lazy to do anything?

It didn’t actually take all that much effort. You literally just put the string in between the clothespin as you put the clothespin on yourself. It still surprises me how burny clothespins get. It’s not bad but it’s present and somehow, in my mind, it shouldn’t be present because clothespins aren’t that painful. However, by the time I had put all of them on they felt pretty heavy and suddenly I became a bit apprehensive about pulling them off. I mean, how do you do that yourself when it’s going to hurt? I assume you’re thinking, yes, sure you’re struggling to pull off these clothespins when you can staple yourself. I know. lol.

When I did it though, it was fairly easy! I suppose it was simply the thought. It’s the mind that makes things scary, right? When they were pulled off it was painful for a few seconds but mostly, this task was just a lot of fun. And I’ve learned that when I get caned I tend to smile after every stroke, so naturally, I smiled after feeling the pain of this too, haha.


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18 Replies to “Task 9: A Clothespins Zipper”

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  2. askmefast

    I rember seeing you sample video you posted on twitter. it thought it was very creative for on the pain side and visually. I was also wondering about the pain induced by the pulling off of the pegs.

    You might be surprised to know that I thought about your pain exploits this morning as I was out for a run. I felt this pain around my calves and ankle liggaments , it did not feel like an injury pain more like an indurance pain but still uncomfortable enough to temp me to stop. I thought of the feeling that you must of gone through when you made the needle sun or when you pulled off the pegs in this post. I then embraced the pain, my mind changed to not wishing it away.

    The interesting thing was that it became less intense, and in fact not intense enough. I felt myself running harder to get it back.

    its so interesting how something like pain can focus and still your mind.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      It’s so interesting you say that! You remind me of something Lois once told me, to embrace the pain, not wish it away, whether for kink or when running also. And by doing it exactly how you did, by imagining another instance or example of pain. I struggled with doing this a lot. Like a lot. But when I finally did manage to do it, I had the same results you describe and I also found that suddenly the pain became a little underwhelming almost and like I’d want it to return. Perhaps that is how you can push your limits. I’d completely forgotten about this though. Maybe it comes more naturally to me now to just enjoy the pain, for as much as that is possible or perhaps I should try and do this again.

      I’m not sure if your comment cut off because your last sentence sounds as if you were trying to say something?

      Honestly it’s so interesting to hear other people’s experiences and I’m rather intrigued by how you did this and discovered it

      • askmefast

        No, I said everything, it must be my to the point style :D. I’d agree that this is how we push our limits. A thought crossed my mind, our limits are not infinitely elastic, how do we prevent them snapping?

        • MLSlavePuppet Post author

          I don’t know… I know I played 90-minute football matches with 2 pulmonary embolisms and still appeared to be fine to my team while I literally couldn’t breathe and you’d think there’d be a limit there. Maybe our limits are so far out of sight that we can never possibly reach them?

          • MLSlavePuppet Post author

            I don’t think it’s my pain threshold. I’m really sensitive so I feel it… I just, step over it
            and I bet we can all step over it a lot more. not sur eif it is sensible to do it, pain is supposed to warn us lol! but yknow

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