Task 8: Tie Your Own Legs

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“With rope, give both your legs self leg ties, apply some tiger balm and use your wand till you come. Don’t forget to have music playing that you find ‘sexy’ or ‘arousing’.”

I don’t like being cold so I kept my hoodie on while figuring out the rope part. I don’t have two separate pieces of rope and the 10m rope is just about a little too short to do both legs with the usual four strands on one leg. I tried it, but there was barely any rope for the second leg, so I undid some and then went on. Can I once again point out that I just do not understand how ties work. I’m like, does the rope go over? under? right? left? what did you just do?! I learned how to do a leg tie in a rope 101 workshop I did in November but I remembered nothing. However, once you get it, it’s easy. Rope looks so complicated while it’s quite simple once you get it. Still, I didn’t know how to do the ankle point on the second leg because of the missing loop and lack of rope so I’m sure technically, this was terrible.

On the first picture, my legs are tied but the wand is on the floor because I’m stupid. So I jumped off the chair which sounded like I dropped… something heavy, which I guess I am compared to any normal item. It’s so weird because I know that my legs are tied and I know that this will restrict my movement but it’s still a surprise when I move. So I got the wand, put it on my desk next to the tiger balm and then… Well… How does one come back up when you can’t push off with your legs? I thought that surely, my arms would be able to do it but it doesn’t work with just a single chair. It’s like you lift yourself up but then you kind of tumble over, almost. I couldn’t get my body up high enough and my legs automatically kept on trying to push off the floor but they couldn’t!

I suppose this shows that my tie was successful; my legs were definitely restricted. The way I managed to get back on my chair is by moving the chair over to the side of my bed and pushing off my bed and the chair. By this point, I had already left a wet patch on my chair… thanks arousal. So by pushing myself up my hand got wet and then when I sat back down my butt got wet and… ugh. I then pulled myself back to the desk.

When I applied the tiger balm to my clit it burned than when I had done so in a previous task and for a brief second, I wondered how well this orgasm was going to go. But the wand always feels nice against my clit and the tiger balm just kind of merged with it. I love the feeling of a building orgasm and I liked that my legs couldn’t really move in response, though my feet did. Then when I came closer, it felt like I was going into orgasm, then out of it, back in and back out, though never quite getting there. The feeling was great. I often enjoy the ‘journey’ of getting to the orgasm far more satisfying than the actual orgasm. Although, the orgasm is nice too, haha. This going in and out though, I felt like it would have been great if I could have kept doing it forever. I squirted a little bit as this was happening, and then I came.

The tiger balm kept on burning for a little while after, but so did my pleasure, hehe.

Xx Mila

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18 Replies to “Task 8: Tie Your Own Legs”

  1. collaredmichael

    So one thing is clear. Plan ahead. All that effort to get to your wand and the Tiger Balm! Oh to be a fly on the wall! lol. Your rope work is pretty good. You may not be an expert, but you are well on your way.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Yep… note to self, plan ahead! Which, you know, I did think of it on beforehand but I was too lazy and didn’t fully realise it would be a problem lol.

      Thank you!

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