Task 7: Write lines while balancing a coin

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“Fill an a4 sheet with the line ‘I worship and adore my mistress’ whilst balancing a 10 pence piece from your writing hand.
Every time it drops you have a Talley of 10 self spanks for every time it falls, deliver yourself the spanks straight after the sheet if full.”

I spoke on the phone to Roxy when she first set me these tasks and I asked her if she really meant for me to balance a ten pence coin on my writing hand while writing lines. That is exactly what she meant and she gave an example of a piano teacher who made her student play while balancing a coin on her hand.

Mhm… I guess that’ll be fun then… 

I didn’t have a ten pence coin by hand so tried it with a five pence instead and it almost immediately dropped off my hand, which made Roxy laugh.

Completing the task

I took a piece of paper and a pen to an empty bedroom with a desk. I found a good place on my hand to balance the coin and started writing as neatly as I felt able to. I soon figured out that this wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined it. There might actually be a chance I won’t drop this at all!

Task 7: Write lines while balancing a coin

Want to see this balancing act? Find the video on my Onlyfans!

Aching hand

My hand started aching halfway through writing the lines. For a writer, I use a pen ridiculously rarely and much prefer a keyboard but I really wanted to try and keep my handwriting somewhat neat. Roxy does not like my handwriting as it is, ha!

The longer I was writing, the more shaky my hand seemed to get, though it felt like this was psychological. I was thinking so much about not dropping this coin that it just became harder and harder not to. However, I reached the end of the page while keeping the coin on my hand at all times.

Task 7: Write lines while balancing a coin

Too easy?

I wonder if the fact the coin was bigger made it easier or if this is generally a relatively easy task. Have any of you tried this out? Please let me know in the comments!

One thing is for sure, I definitely worship and adore my Mistress if this A4 page hadn’t made that clear.

Xx Mila

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