Double Insertion

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My conversations with Miss Lois never immediately started by me having to do a task or something, but it’s more fun to go into it straight away, for blog purposes, right? 😉

This day, she told me to get naked, put on my boots and to insert a vibrator in each of my holes and to turn them on max. This is the first time I remember her to tell me to insert something in both of my holes at the same time. I asked her if I was allowed to use a blanket or something, and she allowed me to lie in bed after I showed her a picture of me first.

I looked at my vibrators. One was bigger than the other… I’d prefer to put the smaller one in my pussy because I struggle more with vaginal insertion… but… would Miss Lois want the opposite?

Me: “Which one should go in which hole?”

Miss Lois: “Which order would you prefer?”

I felt like this was a trick question. She’d taught me to anticipate her desires over my own, so surely she couldn’t truly be asking me what I preferred? And if I thought about what she’d prefer, I no longer knew what I preferred.

Me: “I don’t know Miss.”

Miss Lois: “One is bigger than the other.”

Me: “I know Miss.”

(That’s the problem!)

Miss Lois: “So the decision is based on,
would you prefer to be comfortable or suffer for me?”

The answer was to suffer for her, without much of a doubt. But I was still unsure about what she wanted even though I knew what she wanted. I just self-doubt a lot, lol. So I asked her if that meant the bigger one in my vagina.

Miss Lois: “Surely that would make you suffer more.”

I mean… yes… it would…

She asked me again which order I would prefer and finally, I gave her the answer that the bigger one had to go into my vagina and the smaller one in my butt.

She then asked me when I had to decide on these things in the future, on whether I’d want to be comfortable or please her, what I would decide without having to ask, and ideally without having to think.

That’s funny because by phrasing it like that she stated that I would always decide x and start doing it without having to ask and eventually think. The answer, of course, was to please her.

Miss Lois: “Because a worthy proactively tries to find the option that pleases me the most, no matter what that means to you.”

#flashback to adding ‘too much’ of a hot substance to a clit…
the things a slave does…

I added the vibrators… Putting something inside in either hole always gives me like a second of… you know that feeling when your eyes kind of roll up because you can’t think for a second? Maybe that’s a terrible description. I should have just stuck to ‘feeling butterflies’. But it’s always that same feeling as strong as it was last time. It’s arousing and also a little bit nervous like, for a second?

Also… having two in at once certainly made me feel full even though these vibrators are essentially tiny. Turning them on, however… well… It was very uncomfortable. The vibrations just kind of hurt my vagina just like how inserting anything still hurt, really. Having both on reminded me of what a drill might feel like? lmao.

I took a picture of myself standing up in front of the mirror, but Miss Lois said that she preferred it if I took a picture in which she could see the vibrators inside of me.

(Side note, strange to see my body from just about a year? ago. It had changed so much.)

Suddenly, what had seemed like a quick and simple thing before I could dive into the warm covers of my bed turned into what seemed like a whole photoshoot session.

Did I mention I hate feeling cold?

She told me there were two possibilities in which I could take these pictures. I could either spread my legs and take them from the front, or on all fours bent over from the back.

I tried the second one but it didn’t work out really, lol. I mean it produced an amusing picture, but then I opted for the first option.

After I showed her the first picture taken from the front she told me to move my hand to the side a bit, as it was blocking the vibrators, which was the whole point of this picture haha.

I then sent her another picture in which I was only ever so slightly touching the vibrators each with one finger (to keep them in) while looking at my hand with a frown. Typical me expression. So her comment was: “and when your face is in the picture, what do you do?”


So I retook it with a smile and then dropped my head on the floor so it would just be entirely out of the picture.

Me: “Are these okay Miss?”

Since she had now seen the vibrators in, I was hoping this was done. Warm bedtime! But… she saw an opportunity to get some more pictures. This always happened as soon as we started any pictures. I like it. It arouses me a lot too. But I was also cold haha. (But remember, it’s not about how I feel, it’s about pleasing her #RulesToLiveBy.)

She told me to take the last one again but with my feet together so the boots would be in the picture completely. Then two minutes later she added to try one where my feet would be flat on the ground with my knees up, wide enough to see the vibrators through the gap.

I took six more pictures and asked if these were okay, to which the answer was yes, well done. She then told me I could go under the blanket now.

(All pictures on OnlyFans!)

Two great things to hear!

Miss Lois: “And you will make yourself squirt for me with both vibrators in on max.”

Third thing… less… happy about… lol. She often did this too. Finally gave me the relief of what I wanted and then added something else that I felt… less excited about. But I answered her with “Yes, Miss.”

Then 12 minutes later, after I had started trying I had to tell her that I didn’t think I could do it.

I wasn’t sure. It felt like I couldn’t push through enough, like… when it got to the point where I usually would squirt, nothing would come and I was starting to become less and less wet.

She said it was okay for me to take the vibrators out and told me that I’d done well.

I thanked her but said that I was sorry, feeling disappointed and bad about having failed what she’d told me to do, which was squirt. She said I had nothing to be sorry for, but you know, I still felt a little bad regardless.

I took the vibrator out of my vagina and sent her a picture with the caption “ew.”

She laughed, saying that it was normal.

I mentioned that it seemed to be harder for me to squirt when I have things inside of me. And that while for most people? it might be easier to squirt and/or cum with more stimulation, it felt like whatever is inside of me was blocking it for me, or at least resisting. And as a result, it also got me less wet.

We left the conversation at that, exploring things filling my holes more in the future.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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11 Replies to “Double Insertion”

  1. Tom

    Hi ML. I am glad you managed to sort the problems out and that you are back “live” so quickly ?.
    One of your comments really intrigued me. What exactly about your body is so different now as compared to one year ago?
    Oh, and the last photo is not “ew” at all.?

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hi! Me too!!
      I’ve lost about 6kg since then and it’s not like I needed to or tried a lot, but I stopped eating chocolate and unhealthy stuff and my body looks a lot nicer now, I think. Feels better too!
      Haha, glad you think it isn’t! ;p

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