Becoming Mistress Roxy’s Birthday Cake

In the lead up to Mistress’ birthday, she mentioned that she had always wanted to put birthday candles on her human slave. I didn’t understand how it would work, as I couldn’t envision the candles staying upright. And so she explained that we’d use needles of course, and that I was going to be her human birthday cake.

The thought filled me with joy because she actively expressed the desire to use me for her pleasure, for her birthday. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but when my Mistress wants something for no other reason than that it brings her pleasure, my submissive desire to please is instantly activated. It takes me to a happy place.    

I started thinking about her birthday present months before her birthday. Several ideas crossed my mind, but none seemed quite right. Last year it had been easier, as she told me exactly what she wanted. This year, I eventually settled on the idea of a custom drawn picture from a kinky artist, because I thought it’d be special and unique.

I wasn’t quite sure what to have drawn. Would it be strange to give her a picture of us? Maybe it’d be better if it was a picture of her alone; I don’t want to impose after all. But if it was just her, I wouldn’t be sure how to depict her either. I reverted back to the idea of a picture of us. A bit selfish, yes, but I felt like this drawing would also be a way of saying how much I appreciate her in my life, and how happy our dynamic makes me. Which took me back to: what should I ask to be drawn?

It took me three months to decide on an idea. I settled on it because it would depict a fantasy she’d always dreamed of, while looking tasteful. She’d always wanted to use a slave as a human candle holder. And just like that, (later, after already having commissioned the idea with the very talented Birdfish), my birthday present and my presence as serving as her birthday cake added up.

I didn’t expect to spend her actual birthday with her because she has a partner, but birthdays can be celebrated on different dates. However, it just so happened that we were in London for work, and wouldn’t travel back until after her birthday. I was lucky enough to spend her actual birthday with her and she took me and Lady Amber to a great burlesque show! Unfortunately though, neither of us had brought needles. The arrival of my present was also delayed, and so I suggested we could do the birthday candles when that arrived.

Back in Glasgow three weeks later, Mistress came over to my flat. We talked a bit about our daily lives while having dinner, and an hour later, she got the candles and needles out.

“I’d like you to undress.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Just this small reply made me so fully aware of being her Slave and what we were about to do, and gave me an instant sense of arousal.

She watched me undress as she always does, and I felt as self aware and shy about it like usual. Then I sat down and waited on the floor, while I watched her attach the candles to the needles. I briefly thought about kneeling, as that seems like the truly proper thing to do, but I couldn’t really, with a sprained ankle.

It took a while before all the candles were attached to the needles and as I watched her I started to become cold. I briefly wondered if she’d intended this or didn’t realise that preparing the candles would take so long. I liked the former thought; the idea that she simply wanted me to be naked, but it seemed a bit unlike her. Usually she’s very concerned about making sure that I’m not cold. 

When she finished preparing the candles, she told me to do go on all fours and lean over the armrest of the sofa, with my hands resting on the floor. We were already laughing and when she asked me if I was ready, I gave her a nervous, yet wholehearted yes, Mistress. 

I’d forgotten, once again, how painful needles are. When she put the first one in my bottom, I struggled to stay still and could not keep myself from making a sound. But my pain was immediately washed over by the thought she must be enjoying this, and I felt really happy. Then, on the second and third needle I started to wonder how the hell I ever managed to do the last needle video with her. The feeling of the needles piercing through my skin made my toes curl up. And naturally, Mistress was looking for the most sensitive spots to pierce and her joy was audible when I made the most noise.

I breathed out and recomposed myself when the last needle had been inserted. Mistress announced it was time to light the candles now and that we were going to have to do it quickly. She had once been in the position I was in and the candles had made the needles really hot, which is something we wanted to avoid.

She lit the first candle and immediately, a drop of wax fell down on my skin and I jumped up in surprise and agony. Damn, that was hot!

“Right, you have to keep still or the candles will go out,” Mistress said.

“Uhh…” I just about managed to reply.

My body jerked up in response to a second drop of wax and I couldn’t help it. I had no idea where or when the wax would fall and couldn’t anticipate the pain, which was more intense than I predicted it to be every time.

She told me to stay still again and in between gritted teeth, I said that I was trying!

“I know you are; I can tell.”

I had tensed my body completely in a bid to defy my body’s natural instinct to move in response to pain. It comforted me that she said that and made me feel even more determined to keep my body in check.

She lit the rest of the candles in quick succession as it seemed like the only way to accomplish this. The burning wax of birthday candles is so much hotter than play candles. But finally, they were all lit and Mistress started laughing.

“Right, that’s them lit. Now you can…”

I took a small breath and pushed all my anxiety aside so I was able to do the following.

“Haaaappy birthday tooo you,” I started in my singing voice.

She couldn’t hold it together. Her laughter was infectious and two seconds later I was laughing too. The one line of the birthday song seemed enough and when she regained a bit of her breath, she said how funny this looked.

My butt was shaking from my own laughter and I couldn’t stop it. Every now and then a little bit of wax fell and I tensed back up in pain. This little predicament seemed like the perfect combination of funny, painful and embarrassing.

Becoming Mistress Roxys Birthday Cake

Before the needles could get too hot, she blew the candles out.

Then she pulled them out again and after the last one, I felt a drop of blood run down my butt crack. It then ran to the inside of my leg where it reached my foot. And just as I wanted to jump up to save it from falling on the couch, Mistress suggested I should wash myself in a bid to keep the sofa clean. Relieved, I dashed into the bathroom. The truth is, I didn’t want to move until she told me I could and I would have waited even if it had meant the blood would fallen. (It’s a second hand couch… I guess it would have been fine…)

I washed the blood off me in the shower and made sure I cleaned every single spot. But when I stepped out on the bath mat I noticed a blood stain and just a few seconds later, there was another one.  

Was I still bleeding?!

I went back to the living room and asked her if I still was by showing her my butt. 

“I would suggest taking a cold shower,” she said.

Really? Will that really stop the bleeding? Should I not just wear a plaster instead? I thought as I imagined the horrible prospect of cold water. Fine, I guess I can try. I hopped back into the shower and changed the setting to cold. I was able to stand it for about five seconds before I came up with a new idea. While I didn’t have any plasters, wearing briefs would also do the job.

I jumped back out of the shower. “I’ll just put on…” I started as I ran into my bedroom, thinking I had to hurry before I’d leave a trail of blood on the carpet. “Underwear.” I clumsily put a pair on in front of her. “That should be fine, right?”

“Yes, absolutely,” she said with a smile. 

We made tea and while she sat down on the couch, I sat down, still undressed on the floor.

She opened her present and I could tell that she was really touched. 

She looked at it for a little while and asked me how I’d thought of this idea. I told her what I’d written above and then about how I’d gone into a print store with this picture on a USB stick. I had intended to tell the shop about the nature of the content, but the conversation went so quickly, I couldn’t slip it in. He simply took my stick and inserted it into his computer. Then when he opened the image, he started coughing uncomfortably a few times. I looked out of the window and pretended I had no idea. When he handed me the printed picture he said: “We don’t usually print adult content. Just so you know for next time.”  It’s save to say I felt incredibly embarrassed, but thought it was funny at the same time and now Mistress was laughing loudly again.

We started talking about a lot of different things after this and naturally time started passing by.

After an hour or two, perhaps, I started wondering if she had just forgotten that I was naked. Normally she says that I should get a blanket or put my clothes back on but after a certain amount of time, I didn’t think she would anymore.

For a while I enjoyed the idea that she might like that I was naked. But after a certain amount of time had passed, it seemed silly to be uncomfortable if she didn’t mean for me to be. “Can I get a blanket, by the way?” 

She didn’t immediately say yes, like I expected her to. 

“Or… put on my clothes?” I added slowly, wondering if there was something wrong with a blanket. But as another moment of silence passed I clocked onto the fact that maybe it was indeed deliberate. “Unless you would like me to be naked.”

“Yes,” she said, “I enjoy that-“

“I would quite happily be naked if you’d like me to,” I interrupted. I shouldn’t have but it happened before I could stop myself. I felt the immediate need to reassure her that this was okay. I like this idea; I just didn’t know that it was deliberate.

“I like that you are naked and are sitting on the floor, uncomfortable, while I’m dressed and comfortably lying on this couch,” Mistress said.

I smiled embarrassedly. “Yes, Mistress.” I like it too. 

We continued talking and laughing half the time. The mood simply seemed so joyous tonight. I opened up about a few things I’d been scared of mentioning before and we talked about my novel in-depth for the first time (something else I’m generally quite embarrassed about because I don’t think it’s good). I felt encouraged by the things she said. 

On a lighter note, she told me about getting new glasses for her eyes and I started a joke that I didn’t finish speaking out loud due to its cheeky nature. But she laughed and went along with it. “What matters is that I know you’re naked, and that makes me very happy.”

Her response made me feel like I was being put in a place, in the good kinda way that makes me feel submissive.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said again. And we kept on talking until the early hours of the night.

 Xx Mila

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