Tie me up Tuesday week 2: Chest Harness

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage.

Last week

Thank you so much for joining in with the fun last week. I’m glad so many of you took your time to do some rope and share it with us! I won’t do a roundup because I’m equally in love with everyone’s efforts and entries, but do check all the pretty tied legs out in last week’s link-up. I can make y’all a Tie me up Tuesday certificate with all the ties we’ve learned at the end though, lol. That’s a joke.

The Prompt

Now that we can immobilise our leg(s), I thought it’d be fun to move onto tying our chest. Purple Sole helped me pick what we think are (hopefully) fairly easy ones but I think they’ll give you a bit more of a headache than the leg tie might have. The two I’m leaving here for the prompt are the Star Harness (tutorial by the Dutchy) and the Shinju (tutorial by the Dutchy).

Chest harness

I personally liked doing the Star Harness (here) a lot because it required me to make no knots. I haven’t tried Shinju, so that’s what I’ll be trying! The one thing I’ve found I can’t do on my own is making sure that the back of the harness looks good. However, acing the front is certainly do-able! So give it a go, tie your best, have fun and share your joy with us.

No need to follow the prompt. You can choose a different chest harness, think up your own (can anyone actually do that lol?) or do something else entirely with rope as long as you do it safely.

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