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Perhaps you’ve been eagerly reading all the sex blogger posts out there during lockdown but I would like to share some I enjoyed in case you haven’t. I feel slightly uncomfortable doing a SoSS because I know I haven’t read every post and am likely missing some great ones out there -in fact, I can’t find back some of the ones I had hoped to feature here- However, that’s no reason to share the following which has been listed in no particular order.

Wet Bar by Slave Shae
I love Shae’s blog. It’s probably because she’s a slave like me and I can relate to most things she writes and hope to have a dynamic as intense as hers one day. Lockdown has changed things a bit in her dynamic. She writes how Amanda, her Mistress, has appeared to become a bit bored and is finding new ways to use her slave, as well as how Amanda has helped her distract her from anxiety surrounding thoughts of the virus. In this particular post, Amanda is testing the wet bar they have to put Shae on display when times permit it once more. I could relate to what Shae felt and at the same time couldn’t help but be amused as the outsider. And on a side note, I love how Amanda designs their house so that Shae can be used anywhere.

Professional Attraction by Askmefast19
I think we sometimes all experience what Askmefast writes about here. We feel a certain sexual attraction towards someone, not intending to act on it, and we wonder if this is appropriate. So is it appropriate? Should we feel guilty for our feelings?

Submission and Orgasms are Earned by Love, Violet
I’ve been really enjoying Violet’s diary entries about exploring this new sort of dynamic and there are so many things she writes about that are relatable for me. I’ve either been there, asked myself similar questions or worried about similar things. At the same time, her eagerness and joy shine through and it is such a pleasure to read about. In this post, we get a glimpse into the trust she’s giving and how he can already read her. Violet is exploring herself and it’s a wonderful journey to be on.

Taking photos in Lockdown by Purple’s Gem
So many of us take pictures and have to try and do this creatively as we don’t have studios and most backgrounds in the place that we live always have something you don’t want in your picture. PurpleSole who takes such creative and top-quality pictures with LittleGem takes us through different methods to get around the mundane things in our household to create that desired picture and I thought it was fun, recognising some of the things I also do, as well as reading about different ideas I could use.

Body Love: O is for Orgasm & Queefing by Deviant Succubus
It’s so interesting how everyone has a different spot or way to reach a great orgasm and how all of our bodies are different. Devie seems to be able to have a whole range, which is a great resource, and I was surprised to reach you can reach an orgasm from anal play. Her post on queefing is also a bit of an eye-opener as I didn’t know there was a difference between farting during sex or queefing and guess we never actually fart so it’s time to stop being ashamed of that! Also, check out these pictures, they’re mesmerising!

Loss of Libido by Submissy
Missy describes how lockdown is affecting her libido and D/s dynamic, even though she’d initially hoped lockdown might do the opposite. She writes about why this might be and how they might be able to change this. I think this is a relatable post to many. I’ve seen several tweets asking if anyone else is having a decreased desire for sex and orgasms and I thought it was very interesting to read. Also, this short fictional piece is very enticing.

Freely Given by Liam’s Taboos
Liam is a new voice in the sex blogging community and so far has blogged about his struggles with his mental health, what it’s like to be my friend, and what service means to him, which is what this post is about.

Hip Harness by Life of a Kinky Wife
I love how MrsK and her partner take us through their tying session step by step and share some beautiful pictures of the creation with us. They’ve been very enthusiastic and creative in going above and beyond with their rope.

Spring has Sprung by Rebel’s Notes
Marie is very open about the challenges she and Master T face in terms of his health, her support role and the toll the circumstances take on their D/s dynamic. However, their love and support for each other have not wavered and it’s inspiring to read about Marie’s strength. In this post, she reflects on recent improvements regarding Master T’s health and hopes to perhaps, bring change to their D/s dynamic. She really conveys her feelings in this post and it touched me and like her, I have hopes that things will change for the better.

Listening, Mindfulness and Needs by Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind
Jae is a very loving and strong person, not afraid to admit when she’s struggling and writes openly about this. She often mentions her son, B and in this post talks about how he fell outside of the system because of his learning disabilities. She gives us insight into this and tells us about the struggles but also changes she made to offer him the best support she could, which is inspiring.

Cougar by Sex Matters by May More
This piece of flash fiction draws me in and nails the cougar theme. I feel compelled like the young man in as if I’m put under the spell of Kitty. It’s very seducing.

Doggy Tricks Anyone?? by Collared Michael
I feel really enticed by the idea of being treated like an animal, having to walk on all fours, eating from a bowl. It’s degrading in a great way and something I would like to try out sometime. In the meantime, I really enjoyed Michael’s account of his recent escapades.

7 Days in April, Day 6 by Posy Church Gate
The way Posy has written her diary entry is as if we are with her in the different time periods of her day. Reading it I felt like I could play this like a film in my head. The entry is very touching as the current time is causing her to sell her dad’s estate and I would really like to give her a hug.

Moon-Soaked Treescape by The Lustful Empress
TJ always such intriguing, creative art with her poetry, paintings and images. I really like trees and she captures such an incredible image of trees, which is part of a collage which then seems to translate itself in the painting she made.

Dream a Little Dream by You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat
An incredibly honest post about hopes and dreams which have quite often been shattered and makes her rethink about what the future holds. These things are difficult but acknowledging and accepting what you feel is important and I applaud SC for addressing this in her post.

Harnessing Myself by Molly’s Daily Kiss
I think it can be really good for your mental health to plan in some self-pleasure time as it can take your mind off things and I loved reading about how Molly took that time and gave herself the self-care we all deserve. She also touches upon the struggles she’s having during this lockdown and what she’s writing can be clearly felt: that longing, the ache of missing someone you so dearly want to be with and feel the touch of.

When D in BDSM stands for Dissimilar by Love Letters to a Unicorn
So often, my friend and I have talked and wondered about how we’re ever going to find someone who matches what we’re ‘looking for’ and so this post by Rebecca was good to read because I felt kind of acknowledged by it and I think this topic is very universal.

Lace? Love it or Loathe it? by FlossDoesLife
Floss gives us some of her thoughts on lace, but most importantly goes into being most turned on when someone wears something they feel good in, no matter what that is and I couldn’t agree more! Additionally, she’s taken the step to ditch wearing a bra, which I know many of us are particularly enjoying about lockdown, and I’m all for it.

Maid to serve by A to sub Bee
Often, it is immediately assumed that since you’re the submissive in the relationship, you’re the one who will have to do the chores. On the other hand, domestic servitude can be a kink of yours! Bee, on the other hand, talks about how it’s not a kink for her at all and in her dynamic they split the chores equally, which I think is good to read in case you as a sub are worrying that you by definition have to submit to doing the chores at home!

Tie me up Tuesday
Over the last four weeks, a total of 16 people have joined in with the fun so far. Check out everyone’s entries and perhaps you’ll be inspired to do some tying yourself! Leg tie | Chest Harness | Hip Harness

Xx Mila

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  1. shaemadigan

    marie louise, thank you for this. not only the lovely mention of my blog, but also this list of others. I follow some of them, but many are new to me. thank you!

  2. askmefast

    Hi ML , I just saw your post now and thank you for sharing my post. This attraction can towards anyone, not just a work colleague.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Ah, I can change that line in that case, sorry! I knew you meant towards everyone, but I thought it was the start off point in your post

  3. Posy Churchgate

    Very kind of you to share my piece, I hope people will enjoy the contrasts of the 7 voices of the diarists who contributed to this rather unusual book.

    I was interested in the posts you’ve picked, because we are from different points on the sexual spectrum, so the blogs you follow include many I have never come across, it’s great to learn about other folk’s perspectives.


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