Task 6: Pee yourself

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“Put on your white pants and pee yourself.”

I have been spending a few days with my friends up in the countryside and this evening we were catching the last of that day’s sun with a drink in the garden. I hadn’t been putting this task off, but when I’m with people I feel more self-conscious about having to take time away to do other things, never mind something so humiliating.

Planning ahead

In order to pee through my panties on command, I knew I needed to really have to go to the toilet. This meant I would either have to drink two litres of water in one go or wait for a few hours until I would naturally have had to go to the toilet anyway. The disadvantage of downing two litres of water is that I keep on having to pee after the initial pee, which is super annoying. Therefore, I thought it would make sense to wait for it while having drinks. Alcohol always makes me have to go eventually.

The sun disappeared behind a tree and it started becoming a little colder. I thought this might be the right time, but my friend said the sun would come back soon. In the meantime, I did really start having to go but now felt like I didn’t want to miss out on the potential sunlight.

It reached a point in conversation where I stopped being able to focus on what was said and could only think about how much I needed to go to the toilet. In my mind, I envisioned doing just that: peeing on the toilet, and I had to catch myself and erase the image as the task at hand would have to take place without a toilet!

Finally I excused myself and went to a bathroom. I had decided to do this in a bath, since it would make it easier for me to clean the spot where my pee would land.

Task 6: Pee yourself

For the video, have a look at my Onlyfans!

Making myself pee

After setting up my phone to film this moment (see my Onlyfans), I stood upright and focused on my desire to pee. For a small moment I thought it wasn’t going to happen, as my mind got blocked by embarrassment but merely two seconds later it happened.

I was reminded of the odd and slightly disgusted feeling of having warm pee trickle down my legs. It’s weird, because you would think you would get used to it after the first stream but the more you pee, the wetter it becomes and it starts feeling like it’s running all over you.

The video lasts for about a minute, so I guess that means it took me just over two to three minutes to complete this task. As I was in a bath, I took the liberty of cleaning myself afterwards. If anything, this task was a good incentive to take a bath!

Task 6: Pee yourself

For the video, have a look at my Onlyfans!

If you want to see a schoolgirl video in which I pee myself because I am so scared of the headmistress, go to our clips4sale or Iwantclips store where you can buy it.

Xx Mila

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    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      I can’t remember if I wrote this in a post or not but a week or two ago I went to the toilet while being on the phone with Roxy, which sure felt a little embarrassing!

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