Forfeit: Self flagellation with Nettles

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The task was to write the word mistress with the pen up your butt not the word mistress onto your butt. So now your arse looks like a target with my name on it. Literally. Well, I suppose there’s gonna have to be a forfeit. Self-flagellation with nettles. Enjoy.”

Forfeit: Self flagellation with Nettles

Find the three-minute flagellation video on my Onlyfans!

I went outside and first came across plants that looked like they might be nettles, but could also be mint. I didn’t really want to try it out by touching the leaves in case they were nettles but if they weren’t and I started flogging myself with it, I would have wasted a lot of time. I smelled the leaves and thought I was smelling mint so I moved on.

Just a few bushes ahead I found actual nettles, which I recognised by the additional little leaves they have in between the bigger leaves. I plucked two branches of nettles, which already made my hand sting as I didn’t have gloves with me this time. I picked them up with the very tip of my two fingers and went to an outdoor space that seemed fairly shielded from prying eyes.

I took off my top and propped up my phone’s camera. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never been hit with nettles before. I worried a little that I might not be able to hit myself hard enough but I soon figured out the harshness of the swing didn’t really matter that much.

I used my right arm to swing the plants against my back and almost immediately upon the first point of contact, the stringing feeling started on my back.

Fuck, I thought for a moment but I didn’t stop.

I hit my back over and over, conscious to try and cover all of the surface areas. The first branch broke pretty soon but luckily enough the second one held up quite well.

The stringing changed into burning and it felt like my receptors were overloaded. I made my mind go blank and simply focused on the flogging motion my arm had to make. When I hit the three-minute mark, I stopped and put my shirt back on.

Forfeit: Self flagellation with Nettles

Find the three-minute flagellation video on my Onlyfans!

I wondered how long the burning would last for and I can tell you now, six hours later, that it hasn’t yet stopped. Though it has significantly gone down and has become more of an itch now.

My skin didn’t show up red after contact with the nettles but small little bumps did appear. I didn’t manage to take a good picture myself so went back inside and asked Naomi if she could help me out once again, which she was more than happy to.

This forfeit has made me really curious about what it’s like to be flogged with nettles by Roxy. I’ve been having the fantasy of being restrained and hit with nettles all over, by several people even, perhaps!

My Mistress seemed happy with the result:

If you’re curious about the next task, check out Miss Roxy’s Onlyfans where she announces them each day in a video.

Xx Mila

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