Surprise Visit

On Friday morning I had a video call with Dilan and Roxy, and not long after we finished, I went to the shop. The store in question is less than a five minute walk from my flat and when I walked back into my street I thought I saw Roxy’s silhouette at the end of it. I thought about it for a moment. Surely that couldn’t be her. Why would she be here just after we had a chat? I thought she was going out to buy herself a bicycle. I checked my phone and realised my 4G had been turned off. As soon as it was back on I saw that Roxy had tried to call me. I looked back up and saw her silhouette disappear behind the corner. Wait! 

I ran after her on my sandals, thinking she couldn’t have gone that far. As soon as I reached the bend, her silhouette reappeared further ahead where she was waiting at a traffic light. I surprised her when I called out her name, and it took a moment for the confusion to leave her face. “I was at the shop,” I said. The explanation made sense but didn’t seem to make sense. I imagined she was thinking something like: ‘But you’re my slave; why wouldn’t you be in when I’m around?’ (In a comedic sorta way, obviously.)

She asked me if I wanted to come along to find her a bicycle, which I was more than happy to. I’m happy to spend any time with my Mistress.

Since I’ve moved it feels like it’s become easier to see each other. I moved into her old flat so she knows the area well and it’s only a 10 minute bicycle ride or a 30 minute walk to her new place. In our search for a bicycle, she pointed out a fish shop where I may be able to get the ingredients I need for another Indonesian dish I’ve been wanting to make. We caught up with each other’s lives and eventually found the second hand bike shop we’d been looking for. I didn’t know what her plans were for the rest of the day, but once she got a bicycle she suggested we could have a drink in the park. First, however, she needed the toilet at my place, so we walked back to my flat.

I don’t know what I was doing exactly (gathering some things in my bag?) but Roxy was looking around my flat and suddenly said: “What is this?”

I turned around, not a clue what she was on about.

She was holding two empty packages of pea & bean sticks and I immediately started smiling out of embarrassment.

“Have you been eating this instead of meals?”

I didn’t really know what to say. Yes, I had, but only these last two days… I’d been trying not to and…

“You really think I wouldn’t find out?”

Uhm… I don’t know, I didn’t think that far. I just wanted those sticks so I had some! 

She started looking around the kitchen and opened the utensil drawer from which she picked up a wooden spatula.

“Right, bend over there.”

She put the package of bean sticks down on the counter that I had to lean over, then she pulled up my dress and pulled down my panties.

I’ve been struggling with eating healthily for months. Whenever I feel bad I reach for chocolate or crisps and the times that I actually make dinner are few and far between. Back in winter we briefly tried the rule that I couldn’t eat chocolate without permission, but my depression won every time. I’m doing much better now, but food is still a struggle. Roxy knows this, but she can’t look at what I’m eating all the time. I need to change this within myself.

She said something about how eating bad stuff will make me feel bad and that she wants me to be healthy for myself. She always says that it’s okay to have snacks but only after dinner and not to replace dinner (which I do agree with).

She started hitting my bottom with the wooden spatula and just after a few hits I moved my body to the counter so as to avoid the strikes.

“You brought this on yourself. Push your bottom out.”

Reluctantly I complied, then tried to hold the position for as long as I could but Roxy was hitting hard.

“I want my Slave to be at her best and how can you be when you don’t eat well?”

I felt ashamed (in a consensual way) and told myself I’d do better next time. “I’m sorry,” I started pleading.

She hit the same spot over again and I yelped.

Finally she told me I could put my dress back down. We packed the things we needed and left both our bicycles in the flat. On our way to the park she said it might be good that she can more easily come around right now, as it might motivate me to keep my place clean and eat more healthily, seeing as she could check the bin. I suggested I could get her a set of keys cut right now, so she took me to a place to get the keys cut.

I hope I can get on top of eating healthy again and I secretly (or not so secretly) like the idea that Roxy can come over and use my flat whenever she wants now that she has the keys. It’s nice that she can pay me a surprise visit.

Xx Mila

15 Replies to “Surprise Visit”

  1. Patrick

    I look forward to reading your first book. You have an enthralling yet almost flippant (sometimes) style that pulls the reader into your amazing world whether they like it or not. Keep it up and keep it together! You have much to give and everything to live for

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you so much, this is so encouraging to read You have no idea how often I throw away the idea of being an author because I don’t think I’m good enough!

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