Task 1: Kneel on Peas

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For a while, my Mistress gave me tasks to fulfil, which I wrote about in several blog posts. She gave me these when we were in our first Covid lockdown and when I still lived in a different city as I wasn’t able to see her then. When we came out of lockdown and I moved to Glasgow, we no longer felt the need for them, and so my blogposts with tasks stopped as well.

This weekend, Roxy and I had booked an airbnb and were going to away for three nights. It would have been the first time we were going to have another Slave/Mistress weekend since the first time she visited me in July last year. Unfortunately, her partner tested positive for Covid, two days before our departure and our trip had to be cancelled.

They are self isolating now and as we can’t see each other, she said she was going to give me some tasks again. There will be ten in total, one for each day of self-isolation, so I’ll start numbering them from 1.

“Get yourself some dried chickpeas.
Kneel on them with your vibrating Butt plug for 10 minutes with your hands on your head”

Dried chickpeas

It took me a while to find dried chickpeas in the shop, as it’s never something I’ve bought before. As I was wandering through the isles I wondered if it might be awkward if I had to ask someone. I had no intention of buying anything else. I just needed dried chickpeas… But then I found them!

I didn’t really know what to expect but they felt very hard when I tried to squeeze them between my fingers. I’ve kneeled on dry rice before but thought that experience was rather underwhelming.

10 Minutes

The task itself wasn’t that time consuming but I wanted to take a nice enough picture, as part of the tasks is to take pictures so I can show her and share them with you. I’m literally about to move so my black sheet is packed in a random box, which means my white walls have to do. It’s been months since I’ve touched my camera but I have to admit it was quite nice to take another picture, finally.

I took some test shots first before inserting the butt plug, putting the peas down and kneeling on them for the 10 minutes. Then took the actual picture below after my 10 minute timer went off.

Task 1: Kneel on Peas

For the video of preparing the peas, inserting the butt plug and kneeling on the peas, go to my Onlyfans!

Feeling peaceful 

As I was kneeling there, I started to feel aroused almost instantly. I don’t know if it was the butt plug or the thought of doing this task for my Mistress. It might have been a combination of both.

Interestingly, I really enjoyed just kneeling there. I was thinking about Roxy and our dynamic and it made me feel really happy and at ease. I feel really safe with her and get this sense of relief and joy when we’re together, but I had never managed to feel it when I did a task before.

It must mean that our dynamic and emotional connection has grown a lot, which I knew it had. And on a personal level, I seem to be doing a lot better too.

Task 1: Kneel on Peas

The peas didn’t really hurt that much. Much like the dry rice, I thought the pain aspect was rather underwhelming. The picture shows which part of my legs I seem to put the most weight on! Generally, I can’t kneel for very long because it hurts my ankles and my knees are also sensitive to being in the 90 degree position. Those two things were definitely more painful than the peas.

On to the next task tomorrow!

Xx Mila

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20 Replies to “Task 1: Kneel on Peas”

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  2. Marie Rebelle

    Sorry to hear the weekend had to be cancelled, but great that Roxy came up with some tasks to keep you occupied 🙂
    I don’t know if I would’ve lasted 10 minutes on the chickpeas…
    ~ Marie xox

      • Gabriel

        yes on a soft surface such as carpets and cloths the pain is not too great, try doing this on a wooden or concrete floor for 20 to 30 minutes and without putting your butt on the heel

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