Task 2: Stand on your Tiptoes

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“Stand with your head and elbows against the wall on your tiptoes for 10 minutes.”

Like the last task, the time it took to execute was very minimal. I expected this position to be strenuous because I’ve often done this stretch of standing on the toes for fitness purposes and it’s not pleasant!

Stress position

I set a timer on my phone and pushed my elbows and head against the wall before moving up on my toes. All I could hear were the birds outside while there was nothing interesting to look at. My mind was plunged right into a space of submission and I felt aroused for standing there like this, naked, for my Mistress.

Very quickly, I felt a strain on the back of my heels from standing on my tiptoes. Great, I bet it hasn’t even been one minute, I thought. I thought about moving a little bit, but figured it would be best to remain in the same position for as long as I could and so I stood dead still like a statue.

I don’t know when, but a little bit later, the top of my arms started to feel sore too. The more time ticked away the heavier my body started to feel and the more my legs were yelling at me to put them down.

Task 2: Stand on your Tiptoes

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No sense of time

I had no real sense of time, however, and didn’t know how much longer I would have to stand here for. I’m guessing that around midway through I closed my eyes and tried to relax into the position, so as to embrace the soreness in my arms and heels. After all, struggling against the predicament only makes them worse.

As soon as I managed to do this, I started feeling more at ease and the thought of what I was doing dawned on me again. It helped me find comfort and joy in my servitude.

All of a sudden, my alarm went off and the 10 minutes had passed. The last four (if I’m guessing correctly) didn’t feel long at all. Though I felt relieved when I could put my feet back fully on the ground.


Once I stepped away from the wall, I noticed a trail of wetness down my leg. Of course, I thought, feeling amused and a little embarrassed at the same time.

Just then Roxy called and we chatted on the phone for about an hour while I remained naked. I told her about the wet trail, which truly made me feel really embarrassed, but I thought she would enjoy hearing it so I forced myself to say it.

I feel so happy to have Roxy in my life.

Xx Mila

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