My First Fetish Event

If you read my post Breaking into the scene? or Attending my first BDSM event you know I was anxious about attending play events or any kinky events for that matter. I freaked out on the Saturday before Sugar Kane, the fetish/play event I planned on going to. My thoughts spiralled, thinking I couldn’t do this and that it was even stupid of me to Continue Reading →

Tied in Suspension for the First Time!

As a child, I used skipping rope for tying, or my leftover shoelaces. It was the easiest to accomplish being restraint. Handcuffs were only things the police used, right? When I got with my ex, we bought one 10-meter rope so we could make under the bed-restraints with it, not realising these exist on their own. We did it twice with rope, then found more Continue Reading →