Task 20: Erotic Video

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“For your next clip think of a loose storyline and combine close-ups, medium and wide angles with thought to your framing and imagery. Also if you have premiere think of how to make a ‘look’ or cancel areas of digital noise (grain) with masking etc. Although the expectation for porn in low, audiences are sophisticated in that their eyes are accustomed very polished media, so upping your standard will put you in a league of good producers.”

As you might recall, the last task ‘official’ Roxy gave me was to spank my own butt and to take a video for my fans. I took that video and showed it to her and while the video does what it was supposed to she had hoped for more. She would have liked to see a story and more of an ‘actual’ edited and thought out video. In other words, she wanted to see more than just straight-up porn.

More than porn

More than porn? But, but… eh? Isn’t the point of porn, porn? Okay… I guess I can make a loose storyline that leads up to porn. I do think people like to imagine stories with the videos that they look at and or purchase. A story is the most important thing in any media, so yes, it makes sense to actually tell a story with a pornographic video too.

The first idea that jumped to mind for a narrative involved a couple. The idea was inspired by Devie the day before as she and her Master needed to write for a deadline but they weren’t very inspired. So when she said that I imagined them sitting in the same room, each trying to write erotica but running into a block. As a result, they might start bouncing ideas off each other and then get distracted because… well… kinky fun, hehe.

I don’t have access to a couple though. In fact, I’ve been on my own for a while since this pandemic broke out so I adjusted the idea. What if an erotica writer needs to submit a story to her publisher but is uninspired. Then when she finally starts writing she gets aroused by her own idea, is distracted and starts having fun instead.

Designing the set

I had my idea ready and turned around in my desk chair. My room was a mess. Another issue with filming is that you need to remove all your personal items and my desk is full with books, notes, external hard drives, medication and it’s a real pain to get rid of all that just for a video. But as I said, I have been alone for a while, which means I could use the empty bedroom where my previous flatmate resided.

I thought of what the desk of an erotica writer would look like. In truth, it probably isn’t all that different from what my personal desk looks like, ha. The desk of an erotica writer would have books and notes scattered around with some sex toys too, perhaps. I took all the sex-related books off my bookshelf, took my laptop, a random notebook and some papers and brought it to the empty room. Lastly, I thought it would be fun to add a ball gag as a small detail because its red colour is aesthetically pleasing. See the result below.

Task 20: Erotic Video

Dressing up

Next, I had to think about what to wear. I’ve taken a liking to this white top that shows my nipples very well and thought it’d match well with my new teal underwear. In addition, a ponytail seemed appropriate and some subtle lipstick. Since I don’t show my face I only need to make the bottom half look good, which means partial foundation, ha!

Different Angles

I have a degree in media design in which I specialised in video and video editing so I know how to do some things. If you’ve done anything with film then framing, close-ups, medium shots etc. are basics, really. I had made a rough outline of which shots I would need, which makes it a lot easier to keep track of what you’ve filmed and what you have left to do. I didn’t shoot in that order of course and I added some new ones on the spot.

Total shot 1: Me from the back at the desk
Close up shot 2: Screen. Blinking cursor
Close up shot 3: Hand tapping on the desk
Middle shot 4: From side angle, face in hand frustration, other hand moves to keyboard and starts typing
Close up shot/or middle over shoulder 5: Sentence is typed on the screen
Close up shot 6: Fingers typing
Close up shot 7: Back at the screen where sentence stops in the middle and cursor is blinking again
Close up shot 8: Mouth curls into a smile


After creating the set, putting on the right outfit, planning the shots and setting up the camera I realised I didn’t have any sort of text for this erotica author to write. I’m a writer but I don’t write erotica. As you will have noticed, there’s no fiction on this blog and so I was suddenly stuck. What was this ‘author’ going to write? It took me longer to figure out this little bit of text than setting up the actual thing. I dove into some messages I’d once exchanged with a Domme and found my inspiration there and thus the text became:

The fingers tugged at her panties. She bit her lip, careful not to close her legs like he’d told her.
“You’re such a slutty little animal in heat… Supposed to be working… But look at yourself- your little pussy… dripping wet.”

The Video

Filming this was actually a lot of fun. Sometimes I dread creative projects because I’m afraid to do it badly or don’t feel like putting in the time but once I actually get going I enjoy it. I suppose it’s like how many people can’t get themselves to go and exercise but once they do it’s fun.

It’s fairly easy to set something in scene but it’s difficult to capture the actual porn part from different angles, over and over. After capturing all the shots I needed for the story part I started masturbating until orgasm. I figured I could do it twice and film my mouth once and the close up of my vagina for the other one. The first orgasm already came with a lot of squirt but when I sat down on the chair and filmed myself masturbating for the second time… well… erm… Let’s say I didn’t know it was possible for me (or anyone for that matter) to squirt so much? It started to cover the chair and I was like shit shit shit shiiiiiiit!

But I couldn’t stop because once you stop you ruin it, you know? And I had to film this so I kept on going thinking that surely, at some point, I would stop squirting and reach orgasm but it just kept on going and you can literally hear that the squirt starts dripping on the floor. Then, at it’s best (or worst? lol) it was like a literal fountain and I can’t even…

Roxy, however, said it was quite the tidal wave she would like to surf so I guess that means it was great 😉

The above is a teaser for the video. The full one (7 minutes) can be bought on C4S on Onlyfans with a 2 dollar discount or directly from me (mlslpup@gmail.com).

Xx Mila

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22 Replies to “Task 20: Erotic Video”

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  2. a mental switch

    That trailer looks nice. There goes a lot of work into making video visually appealing. And Ms Roxy is right grainy, badly lit video with maybe one or two angles might be a fun memory but it makes bad porn. But then too much and it takes away some “amateurishness” and it is too professional kinda boring.

    The white top looks really nice. All the lacy stuff is bit overdone in my opinion anyway.

  3. David Proctor

    Wow, ML, you made the whole process very interesting. And then your translation into a screen play and streaming video play is wondrously beautiful, playful, and enticing. Well done. Beautiful, sensuous, sexy, and educational. I look forward to your creating an additional video portraying your beauty and erotic submission for extra credit.

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  5. books1799

    It was fascinating to follow your creative process. You put a lot of thought into making this film and from viewing the teaser I’d say it is hugely successful.

  6. Marie Rebelle

    You are so incredibly talented, ML, not to speak of sexy! I love how you have set this up, how you planned it, and I love that trailer! So hot!
    ~ Marie

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