Sexually Teasing My Best Friend

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In previous posts, I mentioned and explained that Miss Lois was proud of me if I was able to make my best friend come, or if he felt aroused by me. She wanted to teach me how I could use my body as an advantage or a power tool, if you want to put it that way, lol. Have any of you ever seen the CW show Nikita? 😍

Once my friend and I had broken the border between being just best friends and… -I’m not sure what to call it? Any suggestions?- there was no stopping it really. And I so happened to like teasing people, and especially him, anyway. Once I knew I could share more ‘private’ things with him it only started becoming more fun.

One evening I was feeling a bit down and my flatmate had given me a bath bomb that I was using to cheer myself up. I shared it with my friend, just thinking about how it might look cool seeing a bath bomb dissolve. That’s what Snapchat is for.

My message to Miss Lois was: “Oops, I was like showing the bath bomb dissolving in the water on Snapchat to my friend, then realised afterwards, and asked him if that aroused him too.”

My friend’s reply to my question: “As a matter of fact yes hahaha, I mean I never expected you to be using bath bombs, however… Legs leading all the way up and the playfulness about it. Not that I mind at all haha”

I was 100% not aware of my playfulness or the position of my body. I was just following the bath bomb.

Me to Miss Lois: “Mhm, so if that’s arousing my friend does that mean it’s arousing to people in general? I’m not good at knowing what’s attractive in me. Don’t think the colour is appealing either but it’s glittery so that’s cool.”

But then I couldn’t help but have a little fun…


Me to my friend: “You still going out tonight? Are you already out? If you weren’t that would’ve been even more fun. But hey, at least you get to enjoy these for like 10 seconds (bless snapchat). They won’t taunt you any longer 😜 ”

I was only a little past 8 and he wasn’t meeting his friends until 9.30 so I started trying some fun angles in pictures out on him.


Me to Miss Lois: “Okay I’ve had way too much fun to the point I made him come. Never enjoyed a bath for so long. I just love teasing people and my friend especially.”

The next day, Miss Lois sent me a message saying,

Miss Lois: “I love how you made him cum by teasing him.
It seems like you enjoyed it too.
I love that you came up with it yourself. I think you might start to realise how much you like arousing other people. Not just to make me proud but from within.”

Me: “Possibly, yes Miss. It’s fun because it’s like a teasing game and especially with arousal it’s quite powerful it seems?”

Miss Lois: “It is very powerful.”

After this, I was more aware of what I could do and how I could tease him and what effect I could have on him. So one morning, with no intention of sending anything else later, and with no plans of another teasing session any time soon, I sent him this picture.

On another morning, I sent the following picture.

Then when I’d gone to the toilet one day I just felt this incline to send him this,

Then on another day, I sent him this,

He then replied and I asked him to think of all the fun things one could do with ginger. And that if he did, I might tell him what I’d been up to today. Later I showed him what I’d been using the ginger for, which was to make this haha.

I’d like to take you along to one particular evening because I have some more records of it. I had started taking a liking to warm baths (I used to hate being in the water, baths and showers included) and as I was taking one, I suddenly felt like taking and sharing some pictures for the sole purpose of teasing him. I did it over snap chat because we’re young and all that, lol. But it would also mean he could only see it that one time instead of being able to go back to it, which I thought would add to the teasing.

The first picture I sent on this particular evening was one of my smiling face and upper body in the bath, and my upper body was covered by my hair. It had the caption ‘Finally washing my hair.’

My friend: “Ngl. I think that grin you have on your face is probably more arousing than anything else haha.”

I think it’s important to note that I don’t see whatever I do to him or share with him as a sexual act? I don’t know how to explain this and it will make no sense to anyone but me, but I’m detached in some way. For me, I am just teasing him like normal. It just so happens to be that I’m using my body and I know the effect it has on him. But for me, personally, nothing changes.

Often, I am also interested in his thought process and/or I know that asking him to explain it to me will probably make him feel more embarrassed too. So my response to him was to laugh and ask him why.

My friend: “Well, it’s like the picture is erotic in that it’s suggestive and the grin is like you’re having fun while I’m here suffering, which makes everything so much more arousing and interesting.”

Me: “hahahaha”

(Lmao. I just find it really funny that I can have this effect. It makes 0 sense to me that it would. It’s probably because I can’t imagine being teased like this, even if by a woman. I just wouldn’t care. I don’t care about pictures and videos and all that. I’m a very removed person, lol)

My friend: “I am definitely struggling already. Also #amazingwavyhair”

(Why thank you ~)

Me: “Whatever are you struggling with?”

(We know each other so well that we know what our tone sounds like even if our text and sentences are only written)

My friend: “You are the most evil person I know.”

Me: “😇😇”

My friend: “So that picture has kinda made me hard… again and I am struggling with how sensitive I am haha”

Me: “Honestly thought the pictures were quite innocent 😜”

My friend: “They were and yet…”

Me: “💁‍💁”

Then I was distracted for a second by the above, lmao. Apparently it was valentine’s day? because there were loads of valentine’s day filters, which I all used to send some random pictures that were kind of boring or funny, but had nothing sexual in them. Then I found a function with which I could draw on my picture, hence the hearts on the one below!

Me: “My great hearts.”

My friend: “You know, you could not draw if you’re worried about how good the drawing is.”

Me: “Whaaaat, don’t you love hearts?”

My friend: “You’re very good at waiting for the opportunity for me to have gone down just to bring it all back hahaha
Something about where that last picture cuts off is really arousing, like really.”

Me: “I never would have guessed.”

My friend: “Oh, I do love hearts and your drawing is great, I was just being supportive is all”

(Because we type so quickly and I move on to the next thing, with picture or text so quickly, there’s sometimes a delay in responses lol)

Me: “Sure, sure”

My friend: “Your sarcasm doesn’t help haha. But Lois clearly taught you how to pose.”

Me: “Haha she didn’t teach me any of these”

My friend: “Ow really, these are all just new”

Me: “Yep, ML original
Esp for u”

My friend: “Ahhh it’s bad I feel the build so soon-
Also, I appreciate that. ML’s very own styling, attractive with just a hint of playful evil.”

Me: “The build? 😜”

[I then sent another teasing picture, which I no longer have, unfortunately]

My friend: “Ahhh why it’s like the hair and there where the camera stops… And yep the build as in I can already feel the build to cumming and I am having to fight it with that last one haha. Already got pre-cum, it’s so fast tonight can’t stop it.”

Me: “Sadly battery is running low🤷‍ What can you do”

My friend: “That is such a shame… I can’t think of what you could possibly do. Feel like a kid being denied candy.”

Me: “I’ll think I’ll let you dress and get ready for going out.”

My friend: “You know when I’m brought that close and then having it stop, I become like a million times more sensitive until I get to finish haha. Not that that’s a problem, just thought you might like to know haha. Thank you for this experience…..”

I sent the above with the caption ‘you’re welcome.’

Afterwards, I washed my hair and shaved. He sent me a picture of how he was doing his hair in preparation of going out so I thought it only seemed reasonable to send the following picture.

(Ps, if you read my ‘Reclaiming Agency over Depression, Eliminating Bad Habits‘ post, can you see the difference with the spots on my face compared to more recent pictures?)

Ps, I told Miss Lois about all of this and I know that my friend did too, from his perspective to some extent. So when I sent the above to her, I added “and here’s the full image one for you.”

Then I waited for his friends to pick him up (I knew he’d text me when he did. This is not because of the teasing or anything but we kind of talk 24/7 so when one of us ‘disappears’ we tend to mention it). They were 30 minutes late, but when they finally did I sent him the following picture with the caption ‘Look see my hair is much smoother after washing’ (as he had asked earlier why I needed to wash it.) I had obviously taken this earlier when I was still in the bath.



My friend sent me a snapchat of the guys that he was out with so I sent him back another picture that I’d taken earlier but had not yet shared with him.

My friend: “I’ll try and salvage my composure hahaha”


By this point, I was close to going to bed and just watching people’s Instagram and whatnot. I have a small obsession with Asa Butterfield and I saw this that I wanted to share because we both like Asa Butterfield.

My friend: “Hahahaha, I am always hoping for Asa.”

(Haha, sure you were 😉 )

Then I started talking about to him about The Fosters and he told me a bit about his night. I then said goodnight and sent the picture I’d already sent to Miss Lois earlier that evening.

Another time, he knew, in real-time, that I was about to fulfil the task of having to drink from the toilet because I’d broken one of Miss Lois’ rules and then I told him I was taking a bath right after. I then felt, again, in the mood to tease him with some new angled pictures. If you want to see these 9 pictures, you can find them on my OnlyFans here, here and here. These were our final messages after the last picture I sent that day.

I’ll add three more pictures, which made me tell Miss Lois the following: “I do love how my friend is struggling or just constantly being aroused nowadays haha.” And another small teasing thing I sent him.

On Monday, a guest post written by my best friend will be published in which he gives us his account of all the teasing he experienced. If you want to read all the other posts I’ve uploaded featuring my friend, navigate to the top menu to ‘categories’ and then click ‘friend involvement’.

You can find my best friend on his blog Liam’s Taboos.

Xx MLSlavePuppet.

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