Being teased by MLSlavePuppet: Guest post by the best friend

Hello, I am the best friend of MLSlavePuppet. So far, I have featured on a number of posts, and while I am an avid fan of her work, after speaking with her, we thought it might be interesting to hear my perspective. This post is about how she used to tease me with pictures of herself that she wrote about in this post and my reaction to that.

I’m a 22-year-old bi-sexual submissive man. So, it only stands to reason that I would be attracted to women in compromising positions, right? Well, that’s what my best friend and her Mistress seemed to be counting on when they decided they were going to have some fun.

Now, for them, my involvement was probably just a fun past time. Like my friend could be having a bath and would think, “let’s send him some pictures,” or “what should I wear this morning? Oh, I know, before I choose what I’m going to wear, let’s send him some more pictures.

Did I mention that by this stage I had been forbidden from touching myself by Miss Lois? I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and was 2 months parted from my last orgasm. It was all fun and games for them but for me it was torture.

This all started when one day ML asked me how I would feel about talking to Miss Lois. She had thought about me talking to her because her Mistress wanted to know everything about her. considering the close friendship, me and ML shared she thought it could give Miss Lois some good insight. I was excited about the concept, not only to involve myself in a kink related activity but also to help further the relationship between my friend and her Mistress in any way I could. So, I started talking to her Mistress for the first time on my way home from visiting ML and that’s when everything began. At first, I spilt all the information I had on my friend to her Mistress but that wasn’t all she had planned.

Soon after we started talking Miss Lois made sure I knew who was in charge by laying out rules that I had to follow. Some of the rules I have mentioned previously like being forbidden from touching myself, however, I was also not permitted to look at ML’s pictures unless sent them by Miss Lois or ML. Furthermore, if I orgasmed in any capacity, I had to report it to Miss Lois and ML, as well as make comments at the request of Miss Lois about any picture shown to me. All of this was incredibly degrading and frustrating as it left the door open to images being used to torment me.

Before the torture began and without my friend’s knowledge, I admittedly went to look at her Fetlife account. She had recently been posting pictures on there that she had taken by order of Miss Lois. That is when I first got aroused by pictures of her and I wanked over them feeling a sense of betrayal and shame. When I first started talking to Miss Lois, I admitted to this and she blocked my access to the account. The only way I would get pleasure from pictures of my friend was if she or Miss Lois would allow me to.

I can easily make out that I didn’t enjoy it, but the truth of the matter is that I loved it. I got to see my best friend in embarrassing and degrading situations and the shame that I first felt when I wanked over her picture, turned in to lust and frustration. It made me feel safe and a part of something that I hadn’t in a long time. After all, I hadn’t been dominated or part of anything kinky with someone else for a few years. I knew that my friend and her Mistress were just having fun and so was I, but my (although small?) involvement was something that really helped me out in a dark time, even though I wasn’t allowed to fully indulge myself.

The teasing, the pictures, everything that had just started to happen was incredibly important to me. It made me feel safe because previously I had allowed myself to be taken in by Dommes of my own and I had only ever been let down or hurt. After that, I tried vanilla relationships but even they went wrong and without the kinky aspect they also felt hollow. However, this with my friend felt like something I could trust because I knew I could trust her. Even when I felt humiliated by being made to cum just from seeing a picture, I felt a sense of belonging.

There are some specific moments from being teased that I remember very vividly. This is because every single one of these incidents happened when I was in a compromising situation. The first instance I recall of being sexually teased by my friend was of her sending me a picture of a speculum used to look inside her vagina and while you couldn’t see much inside this was the first real-time I had seen anything like this with her and it made me aroused.

Sadly, at the time I was just coming out of the Cinema with some friends, so I had to rush to the nearest public toilet in order to calm down. After about 10 minutes I had finally managed to calm myself down and while receiving some very confused looks from my friends, I carried on with my day.

Things only escalated from there. Miss Lois ordered me to pass on all information I had on my friend, as well as to inform her whenever I orgasmed and to comment every time my friend sent me a picture or made me aroused. Payment for this was that she would send me pictures of my friend, however, I was still forbidden to touch myself. This meant things became even more difficult for me. My friend’s Mistress would show me images of her bent over, spreading her arse, which made me cum in my pants when I was on a break at my work.

To add to the embarrassment, I was constantly asked to describe what I was feeling towards seeing my friend like this and asked what positions I wanted to see her in. On top of that, I had to tell either Miss Lois or my friend every time I orgasmed, which was embarrassing due to the fact as the weeks went on, I started having vivid wet dreams in which I would be in embarrassing situations.

One of these vivid dreams had me kneeling on the floor of my friend’s room as she followed instructions by Miss Lois, and after I could lick the toys she used, as well as her sheets clean like a loyal dog. My dreams only became increasingly embarrassing, which only added to my sexual frustration at the time and made the whole thing so much more intense. Especially as I wasn’t allowed to come without permission from my friend or Miss Lois unless either made me cum without any physical stimulation.

In the end, the teasing stopped, partly due to the fact that there was a long gap of contact between ML and her Mistress. I was ‘freed’ so to say and am now allowed to touch myself and rather than being teased (though sometimes it still happens, like with this and these recent bath pictures) I now instead give feedback on a lot of the kinky things my friend produces, including blog posts and OnlyFans things.

At first, I was scared that we might ruin our platonic relationship, as I never wanted anything more than that. I was worried that my actions out of lust would be mistaken as something intended as more. That never happened and there was never any romantic involvement. Instead, I was just a frustrated guy being shown pictures he couldn’t do anything with. So why did I agree to take part in this? Well firstly because I enjoy looking at my friends’ body especially in embarrassing positions, as pervy as that sounds. Also, because it made me feel closer to her and more excited when I was doing it as if indulging in a hidden taboo. However, looking back I realise the warmth it all gave me and how much closer I feel to my friend now that we have shared so much. Plus, would you have guessed that I quite like to be teased? 😉

X ML’s best friend (Liam, you can find me on Liam’s Taboos).

10 Replies to “Being teased by MLSlavePuppet: Guest post by the best friend”

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  2. Tom

    Well, ML’S best friend, I wish I had a naughty friend like that when I was your age.

    Being a submissive guy I can easily relate to your story. I would be nuts with the lust for that sexy vixen and the fact that I could never have Her sexually because She was gay would drive my hornyness and frustrations through the roof. Yet I am pretty sure that even when I was in my early 20s (at the very peak of my arousability) I was not able to have an orgasm without at least some minor stimulation to my dick so I find it incredible that you can cum with no touching at all. Honestly, no touching at all, not even over your pants?? I know how hard that is, I have been forbidden to masturbate for several years now and my Wife is very strict about that. BTW, I get sexually denied and “tortured” like this a lot.

    Shame on you, ML, to torture this young man overflown with hormones like that, how very cruel! . Just kidding, it must have been the sweetest torture for him and great fun and turn on for both of you.

    • luthersthoughts

      Well, it honestly was a mixture of torture and pleasure. Although at the start when i first began looking at her pictures I would have this sense of shame about what i was doing, as if I had to keep it secret. When it came out and she started teasing me and rules were set by her Domme, it got even more intense. She would send me a picture of herself in the bath just covering up the essential parts. It got to a point were it wasn’t even her naked body or the poses she was in, it was her cheeky smile and the fact i was being deneyed.
      Even in work she would send me pictures and i would say how i needed a moment and would just get another picture. She truly is cruel but in such a fun loving way which often makes it all the harder not to cum. Truly is my best friend though and i couldn’t have asked for a better dynamic were after all this nothing gets weird or complicated.

      • Tom

        Consider yourself lucky! In this case, torture IS pleasure, isn’t it. I call it sweet torture, someting you love/hate at the same time and something you soon learn to crave.

        • luthersthoughts

          I think you have summed it up perfectly sweet torture is the word. The desire to look even though you know you will suffer through it but still getting that carnal thrill. lol.

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