Fun in a Toilet Cubicle

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Disclaimer: This was definitely not Covid proof but took place far before 2020. Also what the hell ML? What were you thinking! Can’t believe half of the things I’ve done! 

On this day I was working in my postgraduate building in an attempt to make progress on my thesis. Progress, however, was slow, by which I mean I was writing one sentence every hour or so. My classmate and I had decided to stay here until 5 pm but as her writing wasn’t going any better she’d decided to go up and go for a walk. Just then I decided to turn my internet back on and take a break. Can you believe this so happened to be the exact moment Lois messaged me?

A little while after we started talking I started worrying about the return of my friend; she’s a bit nosy and would have 100% looked over my shoulder to see who I was talking to. Lois asked me what I was up to and I said I could go home, but had football at 5-6 pm (it was almost 3 pm by then). To safe time, instead of making me go home, she decided she wanted to use me in a public toilet.

I packed my laptop, waved my other classmate goodbye and moved to another building, as the postgraduate one only had one and I expected I’d be in it for a while. For some reason, I had forgotten my phone that day, which made it a lot harder to take and share pictures. To get around this, I used Photobooth on my mac and the first thing she wanted me to do (after taking a picture of myself) was to take off my clothes and fold them into a neat pile. I kind of assumed she didn’t think this was neat enough of a pile (as last time she told me to fold clothes she wasn’t happy) but guess it was ok today!

So, ha, I was already quite wet by this point so she told me to insert my tights in my vagina. You all know I struggle with insertion but it’s worse when it’s any sort of object instead of a vibrator or something that is actually designed to go in.

I was very tight that day and my attempt to push it in immediately hurt but it also just… did not want to go in. I obviously tried to get it in with my finger but it just wouldn’t. She advised that I should push the first bit in as far as I could but that didn’t really help either. 

I pulled the little part that was in out which freaking hurt! And decided to try rolling the tights into what more or less became some sort of long vibrator shape. It worked to the point that I managed to get more in but after the first insertion, nothing more would go in. Somehow it just seemed stuck and so I pulled it back out, which hurt again. I tried once more, pulled it out, tried again and again and again. 

She asked me how it was going and wanted a picture since it wasn’t really working out. Once she saw the picture she allowed me to take it out. My wetness had entirely disappeared.

Next, she told me to put the door handle in my mouth for as far as I could. As you can tell, it didn’t go in very far… The problem was the angle, which kept the handle stuck on the inside of my cheek.

Lois wanted me to do it again and to count to 120. Every 10th seconds she wanted me to push it in a little further and take a picture after 120 seconds had passed.

She was curious about how wet I was after this and I was no longer completely dry but my finger still had to go looking for it. In comparison, at the start, I barely had to touch anything to feel that I was wet.

This time she told me to put the thermostat of the radiator in my mouth, which again, wasn’t entirely successful because of the angle; the wall and the radiator were too close so my head didn’t fit, which meant my mouth couldn’t properly be positioned around the valve.

My arousal hadn’t changed so then she wanted me to take a few pictures of myself while trying to look elegant and pretty. For some reason, generally, every time she told me to take pictures of myself (for her) I ended up wet, so the objective was clear. However, I had to decide how to pose and I didn’t have the confidence to do so. Therefore, I hadn’t got any wetter but I also explained that when my pussy hurt too much, it seemed to block my arousal. 

I hadn’t mentioned that it hurt earlier because I didn’t want to complain and it didn’t really matter. As a matter of fact, however, it hurt a lot.

Lois: “That’s good.”

(Guess I could have mentioned it before to please her lol)

Next up was putting the tap in my mouth while the tap was on and to keep it there for 120 seconds; every 10th second I had to push the tap deeper into my mouth. The water was SO unpleasant! It kind of just dripped on my teeth and you know that feeling when they are cold and hurt or something? Or when the dentist uses the hover thing inside your mouth near your teeth? Hate it.

The tap was also way too big for my mouth and of course when I managed to push it further down my throat the water started to make me gag, especially because the tap itself was already filling up my entire mouth. By the 120th second, I felt like I might as well have jumped into the water and kept my mouth under for a while. 

Side note you have no idea how difficult it was to take a picture of this. There was nothing within reach to put my laptop on (which was necessary because I had to press a button to take the picture) and I couldn’t have the laptop too close because of the water and the position I was in. 

What followed was the order to push the toilet brush inside my pussy and to sit down on it… 

I did not look forward to this. I had been quite happy and relieved after Lois had dropped the idea of pushing the tights inside and right then it was still hurting a lot. But who was I to say no?

Unlike the tights, this slipped inside fairly easily. It hurt to push it in but it didn’t get stuck. I was lucky because I had become that tiny little more aroused. Right after she wanted me to put it up my butt instead and I was quite relieved that it had been a little ‘lubed up’ (so to say) at least… 

The pictures of me inserting the brush are on my Onlyfans as they’re definitely too embarrassing to put up here.

Still not satisfied, she told me to put my tights in the toilet and push it into the water completely. 

I know it just looks like the water is black but I can assure you that is the tights.

You know what came next, don’t you?

I had to clean the toilet with the tights and put them on afterwards.

I was a little bit wetter again but I almost had to leave by now. 

When Lois had initially come online I was a bit worried because I didn’t think she could use me due to time constraints and my location. As turned out, my location nor the time constraints were a problem and she said she’d enjoyed it very much. 

Just before I left the cubicle I worried that people might be able to tell my tights were wet, but really, you can’t tell. It was very uncomfortable to wear them, however, and the idea that this had been in the toilet was erm… unpleasant. I also worried about sitting down on the saddle of my bike because then my skirt might get wet, which means people would be able to tell but oh well, whatever, right?

I arrived at practice, though it was only to watch as I had pulled a muscle the week prior. It was a little weird because everyone was wearing their football kit while I was dressed up somewhat fancy compared to them. My female trainer looked me up and down, paused and said: “I don’t think I’ve ever not seen you in training kit. Great effort though.” Lol.

In the past, I would have felt really awkward being dressed differently from others but it was kind of fine today. I could see my anxiety from behind a window but it couldn’t touch me. I was okay and the fact that it was okay made me feel good!


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  2. Marie Rebelle

    Lois really knew how to come up with some embarrassing tasks! I can only imagine how uncomfortable the wet tights must’ve been. I love how you always make an effort to take images, even in the most strange positions 😉
    ~ Marie

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