Task 5: Write Mistress on your butt

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“Write the word Mistress with a pen up your butt.”

The way I read this task was “write the word Mistress with a pen” and “up your butt”. It didn’t make sense to me to write the word up my butt so I presumed my Mistress must mean write it on your butt.

I asked Naomi if she wanted to help me film it, so we went upstairs to my room with a pen where she held up a mirror so I could see what I was doing. I felt a little awkward and embarrassed all of a sudden. The thought of pulling up my dress to write ‘Mistress’ on my bottom with a pen in front of her was a little humiliating. I glanced over at her several times, hesitating to start then exclaimed how embarrassing this was.

“I’m pretty sure that’s the point,” she joked and I rolled my eyes.

Fine, fine, I can do this. 

See the video on my Onlyfans

I turned around and pulled my dress up. I asked Naomi which direction I should write in to make it readable for the camera (not the mirror). Naturally, I started with the M, which came out a little bit bigger than intended. It was followed by the I but the pen seemed to stop working.

The small mirror that Naomi was holding didn’t quite cover the area I needed to see either so I stopped and tried to find a new pen while Naomi went to get a bigger mirror.

At once, the task became a lot easier. I wrote the remaining six letters on my other butt cheek and then I finished the task. Naomi took a few pretty pictures and then we went back to what we were doing before.

But when Roxy saw my tweet it turns out I got it wrong and so a forfeit will have to follow…


If you’re curious about the next task, check out Miss Roxy’s Onlyfans where she announces them each day in a video.

Xx Mila

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