Documenting my journey of becoming a slave

I’ve known that I identify as a submissive for as long as I can remember (discounting the early years of childhood as I can’t remember them). I had a boyfriend when I was 10/11, and I suggested we tie each other up to tickle one another – and we used a tea towel as a blindfold. Once we broke up, I’d sit in my room sometimes, untie the shoelaces from my shoes and use them to tie my hands together. I dreamed about kidnapping or prison-like scenario’s. Then one night when I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the television in my bedroom, knowing my parents were already asleep. A random sex documentary showed up and intrigued, I couldn’t stop watching. A woman was trying out different sex toys and things to spice up ‘vanilla’ sex and the episode that played that night happened to be one in which she explored some of the world of BDSM, and tried out being fake kidnapped, a service she could buy. I then knew that what I felt had a name and was potentially accepted by some people in this world. However, I also realised that I was far too young to be even thinking about sex (I wasn’t interested in sex) and that therefore, being a submissive or get involved with BDSM was out of the question. I tried to repress my desire (or need, really) and struggled with accepting it as it seemed so weird. Of course, I used the internet to find out more. I accessed all the sites that told me I had to be 18 to enter and ignored their warning. I wanted this so badly, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to find the right people. Now, I’m nearly 24 years old and I’ve had some experience now. I’m still looking for a Mistress that wants to own me as a slave. In the meantime though, I would like to document some of the fun kinky things I’ve done, but mostly my journey to becoming a slave. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

My Journey started here

Xx MLSlavePuppet

16 Replies to “Documenting my journey of becoming a slave”

    • MLSlavePuppet

      Same. I guess it’s just like a part of our identity? In the same sort of way that being gay or straight is? And until we are given names for things we never know what it is, but we just feel that it’s there? I’m kind of glad to hear you also knew so early on in life.

  1. Tom

    Same here, I knew I liked to be dominated by Females (the Girls I really liked) at very early age. My earliest kink (fascination with feet of cute Girls) is from my early puberty and I discovered masturbation when I was about 5. Yes, it is a part of our identity that we tend to keep mostly private.

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