The Deconstruction of Elegance

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  • If you want to see all the pictures of this session, go to this link.

A lot of people ask me how these 4 pictures came about, and to be honest, I struggle to remember exactly. I was being trained by the online Mistress (Miss Lois) at the time and this was one of her (good) ideas. I don’t know if this is true, but it always felt like she started with having maybe one idea in mind, and then as we went along, new ideas just kept popping up in her mind. But who knows, maybe she planned it all out.

This took place about 10 months ago, shortly after I had moved to a new place for my postgrad studies. The focus of my training around that time seemed to be about body positivity and accepting my slave nature. She had been teaching me how to pose and smile in front of the camera and this day, she wanted me to write things on my body. Some things she dictated, some things she asked me to come up with. Because the picture isn’t entirely clear, a lot of people have also been asking me what the text says.

So at the top, which I guess you can all read it says slave. I feel completely comfortable calling myself a slave and being called a slave now, but back then it was still a bit new and it send shivers down my spine (it does now too, but more in terms of happy excitement, rather than nervous-like excitement). Below that it says MLSlavePuppet, the name Miss Lois and I chose together for me. (ML comes from my name and the Slave and Puppet bit is obvious I guess.) I personally didn’t like names like slut a lot, hence we got to puppet. She then asked me what words came to mind for me… which was… ‘weirdo’ lol… I was still ashamed in some way back then, I guess. So she told me to write that over the ‘slave’ and ‘MLSlavePuppet’.
The following text is quite logical as well and says ‘I obey Miss Lois,’ as I did at the time and since she was the one orchestrating all of this, haha.
One of her other creative ideas was to write words down from my nipples, with the first letter of the word circling around the nipple. The one on the right says ‘Painslut’ (followed by the horizontal text that says ‘in training’, and the one on the left says ‘Pleaser’ (which I guess isn’t very exciting but it’s true). Then finally, there is an arrow pointing towards my pussy with the very small text that says ‘never used,’ as I struggled with vaginal insertion at the time and therefore hadn’t really had much inside there… definitely nothing from another person (and by that, I mean dildo’s or whatever since I’m gay). Then the other arrow points to the back and is accompanied by the text ‘use back entrance,’ as I didn’t struggle with anal as much.
It was a little embarrassing writing all those things on my body, but it was more so exciting. Looking back on it now, it only seems enjoyable. I’m sure I must have been very wet.

She then instructed me to put on the white see-through shirt (which is an undershirt meant for sweating or something, which I had originally bought for cycling, as I used to cycle 30 minutes to town), thighs and the stiletto’s and to take a picture in one of the positions she’d taught me to pose in. Then she told me to repeat that same picture but to take off a piece of clothing each time and that’s how this picture came about. (She called it ‘The Deconstruction of Elegance, which is quite fitting because I hid this side of me, all these desires. Miss Lois taught me to be more elegant but also uncovered all my more (animalistic?) desires. I’m also a slut, I think, even if I didn’t really identify much with that word back then).

We weren’t done after this series of pictures though. She told me to insert my butt plug and to kneel very closely in front of my mirror and take a picture like that. It’s quite hard to take perfect pictures! Especially in positions like that, and it’s a bit distracting wearing a butt plug… and certainly embarrassing kneeling down like that and then taking a picture. I feel myself getting wet just thinking about it.

Following that… she told me to squirt in a plastic container… I was on antidepressants on the time that stopped me from having an orgasm (honestly, the worst side effect you can have??) but it didn’t stop me from squirting… which I do a lot of… most of the time.
Looking at the squirt in the container and seeing it move in the container upon moving it… I must have made quite a disgusted face. It’s embarrassing seeing your own squirt… in a container. So naturally, she then told me to use the squirt to wash the text off my body. It didn’t work super well. It felt disgusting and I was worrying that I could smell something, although I’m not sure if I actually did. Just the thought of it was… ew. And squirt feels different from water so it’s just… ew.

And as if that wasn’t enough she then told me to put two binder clips on my nipples… I never thought I would hate clips so much as I hate these. They are soooo painful. Nothing like simple clover clamps? (which are also quite painful on my nipples!) I honestly can’t take the binder clips very well. I hesitate before putting them on. My hand shakes a little. I’m afraid of the pain. And when it’s finally on, I need a good 30+ seconds of silent screaming and making weird movements before I can get to putting the other one on. I hate them. But then… I like suffering for my Mistress so… I guess that means I hate love-hate them. She wanted a picture after I’d put them on. And then ordered me to put another type of clip on my clit… which… omg. Doing that makes me want to jump up and like yell or something (not that I do). I wanted to take it off immediately but I had to take a picture, send it to her and she had to confirm it was okay before I could take it off again. I mean, she had to tell me I was allowed to take it off… Those clips can turn mere minutes into an eternity.

Especially my breasts kept on burning for a good few hours after eventually removing the clips later on. I feel like these should only be used on my nipples for a certain amount of time because it is the kind of burning that stops me from sleeping.

After this, Miss Lois decided to make a Fetlife profile for me (MLSlavePuppet) with the goal to increase my confidence, and for which today’s pictures could be used.

I’m going to document the things I’ve been doing so far in the past (and eventually present, once we get to there!) but am starting with this post because of the questions I’ve been getting about the picture that’s at the top of this post. Therefore, this post isn’t exactly in order, and the following ones might start a little bit further in the past.

Let me know if you enjoyed reading this post by leaving a comment, and feel free to suggest what you would maybe also like me to cover.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

If you want to see all the pictures of this session, go to this link.

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