Becoming Mistress’ Christmas Tree

Content warning: needle play.

Two years ago, I published a blog post on this site about dreading the holidays. This year, I am relieved to say I am feeling rather different.

I am spending Christmas in the UK with my friends at the manor, just like last year. Whereas last year, The Baron and Bella invited me since circumstances were so strange (lockdown) (of course we also liked each other, but barely knew each other), this year spending Christmas together is an even more active choice. I visited my family in the Netherlands in early November, so as to manage expectations that I likely would not come over in December. And as soon as I made this decision and said yes to Bella’s offer, a massive burden felt off my shoulders.

Usually, when it gets to Christmas I worry about having to make a big thing out of the festive days with my family. I think about how my mum and I have fallen out and I feel strange being back in the Netherlands. Or, alternatively, if I didn’t have anywhere to go while remaining in the UK, I’d worry about feeling lonely because it’s hard to ignore it’s Christmas, unfortunately.

The Manor

Seeing as I am going to the manor, I know Christmas will be okay. Last year, we celebrated Christmas in a very low key way (though the Christmas tree they have is far from low key in size). Bella and I made Christmas cookies, we watched several movies, had a bath together, and I felt like I really got to know them. Previously I’d only either worked with Bella or been around The Baron in a sex party setting. I really had a nice time and valued our conversations.

Now, of course, I feel so much closer to Bella and The Baron. It may be a bit cheesy, but they feel a little bit like a chosen family and every time I visit the manor it feels a bit like coming home. Perhaps it’s just my made up fantasy, but it’s nice to feel that way nonetheless.

Another reason that I don’t seem to have negative feelings towards Christmas this year is because I have mostly managed to avoid commercial Christmas things. I haven’t really been to shops and heard Christmas songs so it kind of feels like any other time of the year.

Mistress’ Christmas tree

Moreover, I am almost enjoying the thought Christmas at the moment, because Mistress turned me into her Christmas tree the other day. She was going to do this at a party at Maison, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to Covid. Instead, we did it in her living room and made a video out of it. Mistress never celebrates Christmas either but we had a lot of fun with this concept.

Her partner filmed it for us and he got really excited about setting up the decor with mince pies, tinsel and other decorations.

I was also wearing a Christmas jumper and before we started filming, Mistress braided my hair in two braids. When she finished, she gushed over how cute I looked I said that one of her new favourite things was to make me look cute, which I don’t mind!

Attaching Christmas baubles with needles

The first needle went into my boob, two or three centimetres above my right nipple and it hurt so much. I must say this in blog posts every time but I always forget how much needles hurt until I feel them again!

During the first couple of baubles I thought: Why did I ever tell anyone I like needles? I wasn’t in my right mind! And then Mistress would touch the baubles or tell me to swing them!

Truth be told though, the more baubles I got attached to me, the more I started enjoying it and while it still hurt like hell, I was almost disappointed when she attached the last bauble. I thought we had more?!

Attaching lights with staples

Next up were the Christmas lights, for which I knew we were going to use staples. Staples aren’t necessarily bad but can be depending on which area of the body you use them. Like, when Mistress stapled notes to my skin, it wasn’t too bad. But when she stapled my vagina shut it was very painful!! 

My last memory of staples just so happened to be when she shut my vagina with them, so I felt a little scared.

When the first staple went into my skin to attach the lights to me, I was very much relieved; I barely felt anything. Then first staple landed between my two breasts, as she had laced the lights through the ring of my collar and then draped them downwards.

Then of course, not much later, Mistress ended up attaching the lights to my vagina, my back (which also stings!), the side of my body (stings even more!) and the side of my leg.

She certainly enjoyed the few times I yelped when the staple went in!

Tinsel, golden feathers and a star

Finally, Mistress wrapped tinsel around my legs without attaching them in any other form. Then, every time she looked at me she started laughing because the tinsel looked really funny. “You have such funny trousers,” she’d say.

To top it off, she attached some golden feathers to my hair which looked a little bit like angel wings, because, as we all know, I’m an angel!

And finally, she put the star on top of my head. Her Christmas tree was ready.

Becoming Mistress Christmas Tree

Christmas party

Originally, Mistress was hosting a Christmas party at Maison where she was going to dress me up as her Christmas tree. Of course, new covid restrictions meant it had to be cancelled, so I never ended up being a Christmas tree at a party.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I would experience doing that. I’m not entirely sure I’d enjoy it and wonder if I’d get bored. I would have liked to try it though, so maybe another time.

Doing this in her flat was a lot of fun regardless. It was nice to be dressed up in a silly manner, while it was combined with pain play. We filmed it of course, and it can be bought here. The exit interview is part of the video but can also be viewed separately on my OF for free.

Cleaning up

While inserting the needles hurt a lot, taking them out didn’t hurt at all. Meanwhile, while the staples didn’t hurt that much going in, they certainly did going out!

When she took the needles out, I started bleeding and so I hopped in the shower. She went with me to help me with my hair (put on a shower cap to keep them dry) and then she kept standing there. I wondered why she was still there (not because I didn’t want her to be there, but just because it didn’t make sense; she had finished what she’d came for.) Then I noticed the look on her face. Oh, she’s enjoying this! 

I was yelping in response to the water hitting my skin, as certain points where the needles had come out very incredibly stingy. Moreover, the bleeding wouldn’t stop at two points, which meant I had to keep washing it off with water and it hurt again every time!

In the end I sacrificed my bra, so I could stop torturing myself with water. Though I imagine Mistress could have kept watching me do this for hours, ha!

Happy holidays everyone!


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  1. nelson

    you look like a very nice Christmas tree. I’m sure your mistress had a lot of fun decorating you. curious, do you enjoy needle play or do you just tolerate it?

  2. Brigit Delaney

    This is great! I just wrote a story about a human Christmas tree! To know that someone really did it is amazing. I’m quite sure I could not take the pain, but the result is impressive. Yours is the 2nd post I have read about letting go of expectations and tradition at Christmas and making of it what will bring joy and peace to you. I hope your holiday is a happy one!


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