A Small Christmas Gift

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I don’t remember how or why I thought of this, but I thought it’d be a fun and nice idea to wish Miss Lois a happy Christmas by writing it on my body and taking a picture of my naked body. I wanted it to be a bit more special though and not only write it with a black marker. So I went to the shops and looked for coloured marker pens, which were luckily fairly easy to find.

I’m not the best hand-writer when I’m writing on my own body. It’s not very neat and I tend to forget how to write it in the right direction so that it’s like readable. I tried though. I wanted it to look good. So I painted my nails red to match the red writing and looked up pictures of Christmas bows.

I felt kind of nervous doing it because I wasn’t sure if she’d like it or if it had been a stupid idea. Maybe it was uncalled for? Usually, I follow orders… doing something out of myself for her felt a little weird.

Miss Lois came online on the 29th, a few days after Christmas. She started by saying thank you for the Christmas present photo and that she liked it a lot.

I obviously felt very happy. She liked it enough to put it on Fetlife too!

She also mentioned that she thought I had changed hugely since last year and that what I was wearing looked nice and that I was starting to develop a taste for nice outfits. I had also been wearing my normal height heels on my own accord a lot, and she mentioned that this showed how good of a slave I was.

She asked if I had time to play, but I had promised Mum I’d watch a movie with her. So instead, Miss Lois told me to go upstairs and insert a good amount of tiger balm in my butt and on my clit, and to then go back downstairs to watch the movie.

The amount in the top picture went in my bum and the amount in the picture below went on my clit.

The tiger balm hurt more than it did last time. Miss Lois said that she had expected it to as I wasn’t currently as aroused as during play. I liked it though. I enjoyed being uncomfortable for her. However, that didn’t stop my initial response to pain. The initial response would be: It hurts, how do I make it stop? Which would then be followed by No, it’s good that it hurts. I’m glad that it hurts. This feels good.

I then got used to the pain quite quickly. It would still intensify every now and then or hurt more if I moved a little so I suggested I could go back upstairs to attach the pin pads to my nipples.

She told me to go upstairs and tape one pin pad over my clit instead, with the pins touching the area that was covered by the balm.

It felt like sitting down on a hedgehog. The pad in combination with the tiger balm was feeling as unpleasantly painful as when I had to insert ginger. The sting directly on the clit hurt the most.

Miss Lois: “Do you regret suggesting the pad?”

Me: “No, Miss, because I’m glad I can suffer more for you.”

Miss Lois: “So finding a way to cause yourself more pain for me is a good thing?”

Me: “Yes, Miss.”

Miss Lois: “So you should always be on the lookout for new ways and tell me whenever you have an idea.”

“Me: “Yes, Miss.”

I mean… I already felt like I had to tell Miss Lois everything that came to mind, but now I certainly couldn’t hide a potential future torture idea.

(Side note: I think I progressively started replying more with “Yes, Miss” the longer my training had been going on. I guess it’s a sign of submission? Certainly no arguing!

She wanted me to sit all the way back in the couch that I was sitting on and to then start sliding my bum forward so I could feel the pad with the pins as much as possible.

It increased the burning and became more painful.

We talked all throughout the movie and when I got upstairs she told me to strip and take a picture. Then she said it gave her pleasure to see me like that.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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