Task 4: Nettles up your bum

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“Get some nettles and use them with the training dildo in your butt.”

This task surprised me and was a little expected at the same time. A while ago, Mistress said she would like to use a strap on with nettles because I dislike vaginal penetration so much. (If this is your first time on my blog, I like things I dislike doing and my Mistress is very sadistic.) However, as penetration hurts me, I have been training myself with a small dildo so as to prepare. I’m now on the middle dildo and it seemed like Roxy’s idea was going to be realised on our trip which was cancelled last week. I suppose it is only fitting one of the 10 tasks includes nettles, but thankfully (lol) they had to go up my butt!

Getting nettles

I moved flats the other night and had to deep clean my previous flat yesterday, so I only had the chance to go out and find nettles at around 3 pm. Before heading out, I put a butt plug in, so as to stretch my bum hole in preparation.

Since everything was still packed, I had no idea where my lube was so I forced it in, which, as you can imagine, was unpleasant. But I thought it would be more unpleasant forcing a dildo with nettles in later.

A friend met me outdoors on her bicycle and we cycled to the park to pick some nettles. She had gone for a bicycle ride with a butt plug the other day and I jokingly said “guess what I’m wearing today,” when I greeted her.

I hate cycling with a butt plug and it’d been over two years since I’d done it for another task. My friend and I joked that I should have given her the memo so she could’ve worn one too and then she took me up a big hill, which made the butt plug seem even more present!

On top of the hill, we sat down for a while (again, unpleasant for a moment) and she told me some really fun public play stories. Then she suggested I bend over at the fence so she could take a sneaky picture of my butt plug.

“What? I don’t think I can…” I muttered. “There are people there and she’s looking.” I pointed at a woman somewhere behind us.

“No one will notice. You can get away with so many things in public.”

Mhm, maybe, but… uhm…

I got up and bend down over the fence that was looking out at the park.

“Are you sure?”


“But I can’t…”

“No, no, don’t pull your pants down. You just do it like…” She showed me and suddenly it made sense.

Okay, I can do that, lol.

Testing them out

I had brought plastic gloves to protect my hands from the nettles and a little plastic bag that had previously held a very crappy supposed to be whip/flogger. When my friend saw the bag she started laughing and asked me what it was from. She guessed it had either been a collar, a sex toy or a paddle.

With my gloves on, I and plucked three different nettle plants and then put them in the bag. I asked her if she wanted to test them for me and after some reluctance, she rubbed one leaf on her finger.

For a few seconds she didn’t seem to feel anything, then it slowly started stinging until 30 seconds in she said. “I am not jealous of you at all!”

O god… I thought, remembering the last time Roxy had me rub nettles on my chest. This is going to be fun (hehe he).

We took our bikes and leisurely went downhills, which reminded me that the butt plug was there and then each headed back home.

Completing the task

At home, I grabbed my dildo and put the nettles down next to it. I undressed, put on my collar and gloves and started rubbing the bottom of the leaf on the dildo, unsure whether to do it loads or just a little bit as I didn’t know how effective the nettles would be.

I opted to rub them against the dildo a lot, as I know that would please Roxy the most.

I took out my butt plug and replaced it with the dildo. The tip of the dildo instantly gave the opening of my butt hole the stingy sensation. I held my breath and closed my eyes, then pushed it in, in one go.

For a video of me inserting this and extra pictures have a look at my Onlyfans!

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was feeling. There was some stinging and I felt rather filled at the same time. I picked up another nettle branch and put it on the outside of my butt in between the dildo and my bottom, then pushed the dildo in further.

The stingy sensation now flared up on the outside of my butt hole. I checked the time and then closed my eyes. Roxy had said to keep it in between two and five minutes. I was bracing myself for it to get worse, as nettles tend to do overtime.

However, it didn’t really get worse. The stinging sensation stayed for a little bit but didn’t fully seem to flare up and departed quite quickly. I was still uncomfortable because the dildo felt too big and the leaves on the outside still burned but it was far from the hell, I imagined it to be.

A second try

I took off my gloves to check my phone, then took out the dildo. I grabbed another nettle leaf and rubbed it on my finger. Immediately, the stringing sensation flared up strongly. It was three times as intense as the nettles I had just used.

I decided I should try again with this leaf since this one seemed to have more of the desired effect.

I rubbed the leaf all the way around the dildo and then reinserted it. Like last time, the string upon entering was almost instant but it was more intense this time. As the dildo went in further, the string also started flaring up deeper inside. I put the leaf and added some others on the outside between my bum and the dildo and once more, the string was very strong.

Task 4: Nettles up your bum

For a video of me inserting this and extra pictures have a look at my Onlyfans!

Oh god, here we go for real this time.

The feeling remained for maybe a minute or two but it eased off again. I tried to rub some leaves against my butt hole, but the effect remained minimal.

I don’t know if I did it wrong or perhaps nettles can’t affect you if they’re not directly touching your skin. In other words, rubbing them against a dildo might not be very effective. Logistically, it also felt difficult to do on my own and maybe it would be easier if Roxy did it to me.

I suppose we will find out once she’s out of quarantine.

All in all, I would say that having ginger up my butt is worse than a dildo smeared with nettles. Still, it was rather uncomfortable and the stinging of my finger only stopped at night!

If you’re curious about the next task, check out Miss Roxy’s Onlyfans where she announces them each day in a video.

Xx Mila

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  2. Luke

    I must say that, although I’ve considered whether to stuff nettles into boxer shorts, actually inserting them up the butt hadn’t occurred to me. What a cunningly inventive Mistress Roxy is! I’m surprised to hear that ginger is worse than nettles, but this just makes me all the more curious…!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Isn’t she?! I’m so lucky. I think ginger is worse because it’s really inserted and touches the walls on the inside, whereas I haven’t fully inserted nettles out of a fear that it’ll get stuck!

  3. books1799

    What a fun retelling of your day with the nettles. Stunning photos, or should that be stinging photos. Anyway, I found the whole episode incredibly erotic and I admire you for your ability to complete these tasks that many would find daunting.

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  5. Jonnoback

    Lovely pics and an interesting attempt. Though I’m now wondering about you and your friend on a long strenuous bike ride with plugs 🙂


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