Seashell Harness on the Beach

I used to live right next to the sea but recently moved. On my last day in the property, I thought I should make use of this beautiful location by wearing a rope harness out and taking some pictures on the beach. I found a tutorial for a seashell harness, which seemed fitting and decided to use my new rope I got from Skorpion Rope for the first time. I didn’t have enough rope so I didn’t finish it but it looked decent enough. My landlord was painting the front door so I zipped my hoodie up and exited through the window.

I couldn’t just go to the main beach to take pictures but there’s a path that goes up a hill, which leads to another path you can go down, with which you can reach this little beach that has a massive rock (you could hide behind if you’re afraid someone on top of the hill is looking down.

I had been down there to take naked pictures twice before and felt a lot more comfortable about it all this time. It was therefore that I decided to take a picture while I was on the path on the hill too. I have to admit it gave me a little bit of a thrill, knowing someone might be heading in my direction. Though I certainly did not want them to discover me.

Seashell Harness on the Beach

Seashell Harness on the Beach

Since lockdown happened no one has been cutting grass or maintaining public parks etc. (at least not where I lived). I quite like it because it feels more natural, I guess. However, it meant there was barely any path left to walk on. On the other hand, that probably meant it was less likely for people to go down there too.

I passed a man on a bench on my way down but no one else seemed to be in sight. When I’d been down that part of the beach previously people on top of the hill were able to see the sand but everything was so overgrown by now that it was practically impossible to see anything. When you reach the beach and go to the left you end up at a bunch of rocks and I decided to move over them to reach an even more secluded section.

Seashell Harness on the Beach

I took off my shirt and hoodie and took some pictures like that. Then looked around, momentarily wondering if I should take off my trousers. Of course I took them off and once I had it felt liberating. I don’t know what it is but it feels like I’m having a field day when I roam around naked in nature (so long as no one sees me).

Seashell Harness on the Beach

Seashell Harness on the Beach

Seashell Harness on the Beach

I hadn’t felt like doing much that day but after lying around on the beach and listening to the peaceful sound of the waves I felt a lot better. Feeling the rope on my skin certainly contributed to that as well. As I jumped back over the rocks and walked back to the path I saw two girls walking down the beach in the opposite direction I came from. Thank god they chose to go right instead of left!

Xx Mila

19 Replies to “Seashell Harness on the Beach”

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  2. missy

    These images are gorgeous and your rope typing is impressive. I really enjoyed the detail you added here though as we got a glimpse into your day and into your life which I like. Missy x

  3. Tom

    It is always pleasure to read your posts dear ML, and of course to see photos of your beautiful sexy body.
    It is easy to relate to your positive feelings when being nude. I like that too and so does my wife. We take every opportunity to be naked outside, especially by the sea, lake etc. We look for secluded spots off the beaten track. We don’t want kids to see us like that (unless we are at a place reserved for nudists), but apart from that we have no problem being seen naked. If somebody stumbles on us, well, it is their problem and it has happened (even while we were having sex). And we walked on other naked people too and always removed ourselves to a decent distance.

  4. collaredmichael

    My thinking is too bad the girls turned away from you. Might have made things a lot more interesting if they had come upon you naked and tied up… but perhaps that’s just the perv in me speaking! lol
    Great post Mary Louise. I need to visit my beaches more often…

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