Going bra-less

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Back when I was 18, I met Lisa, a Mistress, on Collarspace. (I address her as Lisa, as I never called her Miss while we were talking.) She was very interested in exploring my mind and loved that I was so inexperienced in every way and embarrassed and shy about my kinky feelings. It made it very easy to activate my submissive side, I guess.

As you probably know by now, I struggle(d) a lot with wearing skirts and dresses, thongs, nail polish, heels etc. out in public. This was no different when I was 18, except the fear was much worse. I remember Lisa asking me if I ever wore any dresses or skirts and I felt very embarrassed that I had to say no.

She liked putting fantasies in my mind. I had a really strong imagination and could picture things as if they were real. This allowed her to give me mental bondage tasks. Sometimes we talked when I was at my internship. Rather than ‘normal’ talking, it was like she was writing a story about the two of us.

Lisa: Until you get home and change your outfit… *kneels in front of you, clamping a cuff around your ankle, trailing a chain to your other ankle and cuffing that too* – You cannot take normal or bigger sized steps. The chain is long enough for about 30 cm (one of your foot’s lengths).

Is my explanation clear and do you accept my task, little one?

A simple task like this was quite nerve-wracking to me. What if people noticed that I was walking weirdly?

Another thing she liked the idea of (her and everyone else!) was having me go without wearing panties. This never happened though. I wasn’t ready (extra shy and scared back then remember). However, going without a bra was a different matter. She suggested it, probably thinking it’d be another out of this world idea for me, but at that moment in time, I sometimes already went without a bra, simply because I forgot to put one on in the morning.

If I did forget, I’d be slightly nervous about it but my hair was always long enough to cover my boobs so it was fine.

Flash forward four years and Miss Lois asked me if I ever wore bras. The answer by then was very simply a no. I had stopped wearing bra’s completely, maybe when I was 19. I hated bras. They were never comfortable and too much of a pain to put on and take off. Luckily enough, I don’t need them either. My boobs are small enough, woo!

I have this shirt that I really like, but which I often don’t know how to wear. I started liking the idea of wearing it with just a bra though, and so Miss Lois asked me which bra’s I still owned, (which were 3, of which one turned out to be broken (the black one)

The black one didn’t count, so that kept 2 remaining options.

Neither quite worked, so eventually, Miss Lois tried to find me two bra’s that might work and had me order them, but both turned out not to fit. I guess it’s quite difficult to order the right sized bra online when you don’t really know your size anymore haha.

We never really tried again. I suppose Miss Lois didn’t have enough time and I didn’t have the motivation to try and get the right bra. After all, I hate wearing them. (Maybe I will in the future though… I would like to wear that shirt with just a bra, but summer has just ended so maybe next year!)

I did, however, ended up wearing a different see-through top with just a bra underneath. It was for a night out. Miss Lois liked it enough to post it on Fetlife for me, which made me feel quite proud of choosing this outfit without asking advice.

(So yeah, I don’t wear bra’s, period.)

Xx MLSlavePuppet

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22 Replies to “Going bra-less”

  1. collaredmichael

    I love the concept of no underclothes. That pic of you with the see-through shirt and no bra—wowza!!
    I often risk punishment to ask my Queen to go without panties. She almost never says yes, but sometimes (very rarely) she does. And then I’m in heaven.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      I love the concept too! But I would be absolutely terrified if I would wear that out?
      It’s interesting how you risk punishment asking that, while for me it was once a punishment having to go without haha!

      • collaredmichael

        I’m not supposed to ask my Queen things like that. But the concept is so erotic for me that there are times I just ask. If it annoys her I get punished. But sometimes it’s worth it!
        As to your terror, I get it, but you look fabulous!! Very very sexy!

        • MLSlavePuppet

          Haha! I get that to be honest. Sometimes you just have to ask and are willing to take the risk
          Thank you very much! Maybe one day in a kinky friendly environment hehe

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