Drooling Punishment

Quite a while ago, Roxy started a project that required green screen replacements, for which she thought I’d be the perfect person to help out. I work well with After Effects, but I’d never replaced 4 different moving green screens in one clip and it proved to be quite the challenge. The job is very tedious and was specifically frustrating due to some technical issues so when it was nearly done two weeks later, on the phone I said wryly: “You better not do green screens again.”

Coincidentally just then the line broke. I looked at my phone and a string of emails popped up from my supervisor. We were supposed to have a call 13 minutes ago, oops! I rushed to my laptop and had the call, which lasted about half an hour. When I looked at my phone again, Roxy had sent me an email. “Do not try to tell me what I can and cannot do,” the first line read. Oops… I, uh…

As I read on she made it clear that didn’t appreciate my cheeky backchat (I like to be cheeky, can’t help it!) and to remind me of my status as a slave, she set out a punishment.

“You will fill a page with writing lines of ” I am a Slave, my purpose is to serve my Mistress and meet her demands in a timely and respectful manner”. You will do so with a clothes peg on your tongue and two pegs on your nipples which you will rip off once you have completed a page. No double spaced lines and no less than one sentence per line. You are also to be nude and you will complete the punishment on the floor on your knees.”

A punishment?

It felt like it’d been quite a while since anyone punished me as such, at least for something previously undetermined. It might have been the first time Roxy did and so at first, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually upset her or if she simply felt the need to discipline me. If you know me, you know I’m incredibly self-critical and terrified of doing something wrong. While I knew the reasoning here would be the latter, I couldn’t control my feelings and my anxiety overshadowed everything else. I knew what was happening as it’s very familiar (and frustrating) and I know what I need to make it stop: reassurance; one line that says “You’re not bad and I haven’t fallen out with you. You irritated me, hence the punishment,” which is exactly what Roxy told me. It made me feel relieved and I was then able to feel good about this task; she cared enough to take the time to punish me. I know my fellow subs can relate!

Filming it

Roxy said I could film the task if I liked and that if I did she wanted to see the drooling. For previous tasks, Roxy might have told me to film it or to specifically film it in a certain way and I found that by giving me the choice in this instance I was able to focus on the actual task and felt no anxiety. I also actively felt like I wanted to film it in case she’d enjoy watching it and as a result of that desire, I thought I’d film it with a black background because I know she prefers it.

On that account, you can buy the clip to watch here or contact me on my Onlyfans.


I did this task on Monday, one day after Roxy had pinched, squeezed, pulled and slapped my nipples and hit them with a brush, a bungee cord and pulled off nipple clamps several times for a custom video. In other words, my nipples were very sore and the usually unthreatening clothespins were a little bit more daunting today. I’m quite good at inflicting pain on myself but it always comes with a certain degree of hesitation. When I let go of the clothespin I felt its wonderful squeeze on my nipple, clenched my fist for a moment and then felt that tingling sensation between my legs. Oh, how you enjoy these things, I thought to myself wryly.

My nipples weren’t the only parts of my body that were sore. I just so happened to have bit my tongue quite rigorously a week or so ago and it still hurt a little when I put on the clothespin. I can’t say it hurts more than putting a peg on my nipples but it certainly hurts differently and I think it’s more unpleasant. Feeling the pinch on my tongue certainly made me pause a second longer.

Drooling Punishment

Writing lines

Writing lines sucks but filling one page isn’t too bad; it seems like a fair amount. I wrote the first line on the page before I started filming so I’d remember what to write and came to the conclusion that the line was annoyingly long; it didn’t fit on one line. I tried small letters but it turns out you can’t change your handwriting in the same convenient way that you’d change the font size in word. Did this mean she wanted me to write 2 pages? No, surely I must be overthinking it. I realised that actually by now, I’m more familiar with our dynamic and I don’t have to worry; I can trust us and let go.

It’s incredible how quickly one clothespin on my tongue can make me drool. When I was younger I was interested in the drooling caused by a ballgag but a clothespin seems far more effective. I was aware of the floor my knees were resting on, the sting on my nipples and the humiliating idea of my saliva running down the page I was about to write lines on. When I started writing I moved a few times and once accidentally sat down on my ankle, which, let’s say, got rather wet!

Drooling Punishment

I was surprised by how long it took to write the lines. I must be so used to typing quickly that writing with a pen will always inevitably be frustratingly slow, not to mention that my tongue was becoming sore quickly. About midway on the page, my drool had turned the paper into a small pool and no ink would stick on the page. This slowed down my progress massively and made the whole ordeal just a little more embarrassing and frustrating.

It reached a point where I really couldn’t write anything down so I decided to lean forward so the drool could drip on parts I’d already written. It’s funny how much messier my handwriting gets further down the page you look. I was definitely in a rush to finish and felt a little victorious when I reached the end of the page! Then I realised I had to pull the pegs off.

Drooling Punishment

Pulling them off

I wondered which one would be most beneficial to take off first and settled on my tongue, seeing as it felt the sorest. I don’t often make noise but I definitely did when I took the peg off my tongue. Having felt this I became very reluctant to repeat the process for my nipples. Usually, I have no problem doing this but as I mentioned Roxy played with them the previous and I was scared now. I kept thinking how I had to hurry up because of how boring the video would be if I were just doing nothing; plus, she would never allow me to hesitate for so long but I couldn’t get myself past the obstacle in my head. Maybe I can’t pull them off, maybe I should just take them off? No, no, you can’t! 

When I finally pulled one off it practically fell off, as I had pre-pulled it I guess so it was rather anticlimactic. The second one was more successful, but neither could top the tongue!

Afterwards, I took the liberty to have an orgasm and for the first time in a while, I squirted quite a bit and it felt rather pleasureful.

Xx Mila

22 Replies to “Drooling Punishment”

  1. nomdesoumis

    I like the idea of the clothespin, although ball gags are so amazing for their drool factor. Add a little bit of honey or toothpaste on the ball and uncontrollable drool starts in no time.

  2. ddjennifer

    hopefully my husband doesn’t come across this one! I’ve written many lines in my time, and clothespins on the nips, some strikes across my breasts, and clothespins on the tongue — but never all together. And the last time I had to write lines he had this “great idea” to have me do so crouched down just as you were! In the past, I always wrote them sitting at a desk. He said he was “inspired” by something he saw online. I hope he doesn’t find further inspiration from your post. Ah, who am I kidding. I kinda hope he does! hee hee. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      So sorry, your comment automatically went to spam for some reason! Guess that means your husband hasn’t been able to come across this comment haha. Maybe you should leave the link to this post open on your shared computer so that he ‘randomly’ sees it one day 😉

      • ddjennifer

        Hee-hee. Yeah, I tend to be more direct and not play games. I will just show him. I should have already done so but forgot, so thank you (I think) for responding and reminding me. He likes it whenever I bring him something kinky I read. It might inspire him discipline-wise, but it might inspire him in other ways that can be really fun for me! I’ll take that chance!

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