Caught cleaning: a maid’s confession

Recently I was able to spend the entire day with Roxy and it allowed us to have a really nice time. Nothing was planned and there seemed little to no time limit, which made it feel relaxed and I could let go of my troubles. I will probably write about this day more in another blog post, but there’s a specific part I want to go into right now. Previously two of her friends had forgotten an item at her place and were going to pick it up today. Four hours after I’d arrived and done some slave tasks, they were on their way.

As part of the day, Roxy had dressed me into a small lingerie maid outfit, which didn’t exactly cover much. She had also inserted an anal hook, which was attached to my braid and I was wearing handcuffs. While they were on their way Roxy picked up a big wooden sign that had SLAVE written on it in black letters and said: “Now you’re going to wear this and kneel in the corner over there while my friends come over to pick up their things.”

I just looked at her. Didn’t know what to say or do.

Thoughts went through my mind rapidly. She just said what? Her friends seeing me like this? Kneeling in the corner… with that sign? Did we ever discuss public play before? I mean this isn’t entirely public play but… Did I consent to this? Let’s be honest though, you have fantasised about situations like this… But now? Isn’t this too soon! You haven’t ever talked about this. Or did we? This would be quite far out there. But if she wants me to, I will do it. It’s a soft boundary that can be pushed. I can do this. Of course, I won’t say no. I can do this.

“You don’t seem to know what to say here,” she said, then laughed and came to me as if to reassure me. “That was a joke. And a little bit of a test.”

A joke? Really? Okay… Phew? Are you… sure? That sounded so real.

I had a hard time immediately moving past my shock. I stumbled over my words, paused for a moment and tried to give her my thoughts again. “I would have done it,” I said. “I mean… it would be really…”

“Incredibly humiliating,” she said.

“But if you really really wanted me to I would have done it. It’d be okay.”

She said that she wouldn’t have done it, mostly because it would be two guys who don’t know a lot about kink and might think it was for them rather than for her, whereas with girls she might have done it.

“Instead, you’ll hang up my laundry in my room and once you’re done you’ll wear that sign and look at yourself in the mirror while you fix your eyebrows.” (I have given Roxy my tweezers because I want to stop compulsively picking out my vaginal hair and leg hair with tweezers, which means I’ve been frustratingly unable to do my eyebrows too. Yes, I know you can do it with wire or something but I haven’t figured out how that works yet.)

Suddenly, the buzzer rang. “You better get the laundry quickly!”


I ran to the washing machine in the kitchen and tried to pull the laundry out in one go, which did not work. For one, there was too much in the washing machine but my handcuffs were also pretty restricting. I thought Roxy would wait with opening the door until I’d safely taken the laundry into her room but before I’d even taken one item out she had opened the front door and I could hear them greet each other.


While they were standing in the hallway, I tried to get all the laundry out again, which just wouldn’t work! I kept sitting where I was for a moment, taking some small comfort in the last few seconds that I would be hidden until they entered the kitchen.

When they did, I didn’t really look at them. I think I just about registered the surprise on one of their faces.

“Hi…” I said in passing as I rushed to Roxy’s bedroom with half the load of laundry in my hands. I might have briefly looked at Roxy in a panicked HOW COULD YOU?! kinda way, while simultaneously laughing and crying on the inside.

I thought that I couldn’t possibly go back to get the rest of the laundry and fought the urge to kick the door closed behind me when I entered Roxy’s room. I have to get the rest or she’ll be unhappy. Sure I can take a punishment instead but I don’t want to disappoint her is the point! aaah! I dropped the wet clothes on her (clean) floor and swiftly returned to the kitchen where I consciously squatted down in such a way that I thought no one would be able to see under the maid’s dress. I dropped two socks, picked them up along with the rest and fled Roxy and her friends. With my foot, I closed the door behind me as soon as I entered the bedroom.

As I’m retelling this, I’m able to reconnect with the emotions I felt during. However, interestingly, almost immediately after it happened I felt nothing towards it at all and the entire feeling of embarrassment seemed to have disappeared. I remember thinking how annoying that was because it kinda ruined it a little. Evidently, my detachment defence mechanism just kicked in.

Roxy offered her friends a cup of tea while I put her laundry up and then looked at myself in the mirror with the sign hanging from my neck.

I felt rather shy upon first seeing my reflection. I had no idea what the maid costume looked like until then. Oh god, they’ve seen me like this, I thought and felt embarrassed all over again for a moment. Coincidentally, leaning forward to do my eyebrows made the anal hook feel far more present.

Please don’t let them come in to say goodbye when they leave… Will they see me kneeling in front of the mirror with this sign around my neck?! 

Thankfully, they didn’t come and say goodbye.

When they left, Roxy said that had been hilarious. I enjoyed her amusement but was simultaneously too embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. I reverted back to my sarcasm and said something like, “I’m glad you enjoyed that,” (but hopefully it didn’t come over as bratty… which mental note, do not be sarcastic question mark?)

Well, what an experience!

I’ll likely write a blog post about the rest of this day in the future. I just really wanted to write this down first.

Xx Mila

21 Replies to “Caught cleaning: a maid’s confession”

  1. MrsK

    I love your internal monologue when you write about your events with Miss Roxy. It’s always so honest and yet humorous in that awkward way that only someone who is pushed past their comfort zone can relate too.
    Looking forward to reading how the rest of this day went 🙂

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Aw thank you MrsK! I’m happy to hear it is both honest and humorous, as that’s definitely what I’m going for (and it’s indeed also exactly as it is in my mind lol)

  2. thebarefootsub

    Brilliant post, I canjust imagine you wanting to kick he door shut!

    This though: “Evidently, my detachment defence mechanism just kicked in.”

    I would wonder if, rather than detaching yourself, you just didn’t find it humiliating? Like, you knew you were safe. She wouldn’t have let them into the room if it would be that big of a deal. And you’re not ashamed of what you were doing, just 100% focussed on your submission to Roxy. (Just my ramblings, sorry)

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Haha thank you!

      Interesting thought! Maybe you’re right, I’m not sure. I guess if something similar happens again I’ll be able to observe and analyse and figure it out overtime.

  3. nudo4

    Mila, you write so empathetically and beautifully. Is a bit ironic and humorous at the same time, but you always get to “do it, would do it”

  4. Marie Rebelle

    I wish I could’ve seen the expressions on the faces of Roxy’s friends when they saw you. That must’ve been quite something, and I can imagine Roxy being proud of you for doing what she told you to do. I look forward to read more about this day 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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