Tie me up Tuesday #6: Silence Those Subs

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage.

New Prompt!

The other week, I was given the task to take some pictures wearing a bit gag made out of rope. I had planned to make this a prompt for a while and I suppose now is the perfect time! I’m sure most of you have worn some type of ball gag but what about a rope bit gag? I found that the feeling is quite different.

If you don’t have a partner to tie it for you, having to do so yourself adds something to the experience. After all, you’re literally making your own tool to silence yourself and to wear this slightly degrading thing in your mouth. Perhaps, if you do have a partner, your partner should order you to make it yourself, while they’re watching and will use it for a fun session thereafter. But hey, that’s just a suggestion 😛

– Combine the prompt with photography

Maybe you’d like to try and capture your creation with low-key lighting like I did. Or maybe you have another creative idea. How would you try and capture this? Extra challenge if you don’t reveal your face online!

– Combine the prompt with a leash

Picture going to a kinky party. Your dom doesn’t want you to speak because you’ve become his/her/their object for the night. You’re simply to do as they say, no talking back. This should be accompanied by a leash made out of rope. After all, you should be fashionable and match that bit gag made out of rope.

– Combine the prompt with a forced orgasm belt

If you truly want to test the bit gag to see if it can silence moans, see if you can make a forced orgasm belt made out of rope work. And if you do, please do share 😉

Don’t have rope? Or you aren’t in the position to tie right now?

Tell us about your fantasy or ideas. How would you feel wearing a bit gag out of rope? Or how do you feel wearing anything made out of rope? Have you had a good or bad experience? Feel free to write about anything in relation to rope and link up here too.


Bit gag
Whatever length of rope you have, it will definitely be long enough for the bit gag. In fact, you are likely to struggle with how it’s too long. I’ve found two tutorials out there and I have tried them both. In the one from the Dutchy, they suggest using a core but this isn’t necessary. Choose whichever you prefer.

Picture tutorial by The Dutchy

Video tutorial on Youtube by BoundJocks

You’ll need about 5m of rope for this one.

Picture tutorial by The Dutchy

Forced orgasm belt
You’ll need about 5m of rope for this one.

Picture or video tutorial by The Dutchy

As always, feel free to do something else entirely, as long as it includes rope.
If you want to do another prompt from a previous week feel free to link it up here also! 
Links close on Monday the 8th of June 11:55 pm.

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