Purple and black work so well together (though a lot of people see blue instead). Whereas the other closeup pictures of this set I’ve posted, I find that in this one, I as the subject look slightly more at the mercy of how gags generally make you look silly. It depends on the screen you view this picture on, but the rope that pulls the bit backwards emphasises the vulnerable position; it’s as if my head is being pulled backwards.

Gags are such a wonderful tool for humiliation. It’s humiliating that you’re unable to talk, humiliating because there’s something strange and silly-looking in your mouth and humiliating as you may start drooling. On top of that, they can also become quite uncomfortable. I like them quite a lot.

I’ll write the post about how these pictures came about soon and then you can finally stop feeling like it’s becoming repetitive to see these!

If you like to make your own bit gag out of rope, please join in with the Tie me up Tuesday meme here and share your wonderful creation with us.

My favourites Sinful Sunday Pictures from last week

One toe into the water by Francesca Demont
The trousers she’s wearing and the way she’s pushing her butt out is really very attractive and I don’t have this often but it really caught my eye first! But then secondly, her hair looks so pretty and I love how her outfit is half-dressed and half undressed while she’s looking out at the wonderful sea.

#Timeout by The Artful Muse
This picture has such a lovely, warm colour which fits a bath perfectly. I really like how a few parts of her body are visible while the rest is hidden underneath the bubbles. I like how we can see the bottom of the page of her book. Reading and baths are a great combination!


Sinful Sunday

20 Replies to “Gagged”

  1. Persephone

    oh god that is so sexy and sensual, and I’m not even into gags! Absolutely gorgeous image.

  2. Charlie X

    Such a great picture. The lighting is absolutely first rate, and the extra hint of submission with the hair pulled back? Just perfect!

  3. DeviantSuccubus

    Well well well, this is hot! I am partial to purple, and I love how you can still see the colour in the darkness. I am quite the talker, so whenever I am being shut up in one way or another, it really feels like I am powerless and humiliating!

  4. Molly

    Ohhhh I wonder if I have time to get this one done before the prompt changes. If not I am definitely going to come back to it because unnfff


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