Practising Balance

Practising Balance

Since I recently did the normal leg tie, I thought I’d try out a slightly different one to practise some balance, I guess, ha. It’s fairly difficult to figure out how to tie this while balancing on one leg. It made me think of a stretch we do in football and to be fair, my balance is pretty good. Then when I finished, I couldn’t help but have a little fun taking pictures.

Practising Balance

Practising Balance

And then I couldn’t help but have an orgasm… while, standing…

Full video of my wonderful orgasm is on my Onlyfans here.


Tie me up Tuesday

The response to Tie me up Tuesday has been awesome and I’m so glad to see that people are having fun and engaging. You still have one evening and all of Monday to join in and tie up your own leg. Check out the page here and if not this week, feel free to join in with the new challenge starting Tuesday. Make sure to check everyone else’s ropework by clicking on the badge below.

21 Replies to “Practising Balance”

  1. slave sindee

    WOW great pics and lovely tie
    not sure what pic is the hotest
    Love the glimpse of your cute smile and then there’s the pic showing your beautiful spread lovely and hot

  2. ConsideringCuntella

    I smiled, a lot, at the little video clip. My balance is awful, so there’s no way I could remain standing, with such poise, under that much pressure! 😉

    Really love the photos, and the meme. Can’t wait to play along next time


    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Haha thank you, that makes me smile. Wouldn’t it be a fun challenge if you had to do that and if you manage you get x reward and if you don’t…. Maybe I should suggest this as a challenge to my friend. He’s been in need of a kinky distraction.

      I’m so glad you do and want to join in!! x

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you, hehe. Okay so wait, wait, you want me to balance with two tied legs? How and what would I be balancing on!
      I do love being tied though… two legs is definitely better than one

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