Head Cage

Head Cage

This time’s Tie me up Tuesday prompt was the head cage and while I thought this one would be fairly simple it was an absolute pain to tie the double coin knot. I think I only managed to get it on my tenth go, but after that, it was really easy to do the second one. The head cage itself then was rather simple, though also a pain to get it onto me. I cheated with the final knot behind my head because I lack the skill to make a knot like that without seeing what I’m doing.

At first, I was going to use my hood but the purple rope made me want to try out purple eyeshadow and I thought my gold mask might work quite well with this. I remember struggling with makeup so much and needing a tutorial every time I wanted to do any eyeshadow. Gradually, I only needed a picture of someone else’s makeup and now I just pick a colour and freestyle a little bit. It was rather relaxing to do and it makes me feel quite good to look pretty I guess and feel a little more normal when I don’t go out much at the moment.

Head Cage

When I tried on the head cage without my mask, the knot immediately bothered me and felt like it was quickly going to give me a headache. Somehow, with the mask, this wasn’t the case and it was pretty comfortable to wear.

Since I left this very close to the deadline and it’s actually dark outside I had to depend on a lamp for my canon pictures, which means the light is rather yellow. However, I think it gives it some kind of cool atmosphere but unfortunately, it doesn’t capture my eyeshadow very well. In fact, the mask doesn’t show it off as well as it should either.

Head Cage

Xx Mila

26 Replies to “Head Cage”

  1. MrsK

    The mask adds wonderfully to this tie! I’m glad it was good solution to the knot placement.
    I couldn’t imagine wearing this for a long time though the challenge was a lot of fun 🙂

  2. David Proctor

    What a wonderfully creative, colorful, sexy, classy head mask portrait of you. The yellow tone really adds Midas’ Gold to the photo.

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