Booty in a Bind

I’ve been making a habit of doing the Tie me up Tuesday prompts pretty last minute so I thought I’d do better this time. As I usually waste my entire morning with waking up I decided to do it straight after getting up. The added benefit of this was that I didn’t have to dress only to undress later in the day. If there’s one thing I dislike it’s having to take off my clothes because it’s cold. I can’t imagine spending a full day naked in the house. Perhaps in a really hot country!

Booty in a Bind

More pictures on my Onlyfans here

Tying It

Since I read that this tie would require two 10m ropes and a bit more, I had to use my black rope if I wanted the rope to be in the same colour for the entire harness. I guess it’s a nice change as I tend to use only coloured rope nowadays, though I wish the quality was better.

I had expected this harness to be really complicated but it was rather simple as far as tying was concerned. I think I could almost do this one from memory as opposed to almost every other tie we’ve done so far. The difficult thing about this harness was getting it symmetrical, however, and I wasn’t entirely successful. I also thought it was rather time-consuming or perhaps it just felt very long because it was the morning and mornings are difficult!

Booty in a Bind

As a result of my terrible ability to wake up in the morning, I had no energy left to take loads of pictures when I finally finished that harness. I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with how difficult it is to get my pictures in focus when I’m too far away from the camera to reach it. I tend to solve it by placing a chair on the spot where I’ll be but it still doesn’t work out every time. Nonetheless, I did it and then had a wonderful orgasm, which I filmed from behind for my Onlyfans here in case anyone is interested.

Find the tutorial for this one here.

Xx Mila

23 Replies to “Booty in a Bind”

  1. Tom

    Esthetically very pleasing, I can picture you going to a fet party wearing only this and a pair of high-heeled sandals to accetuate your calves. But anything would look good on your beautiful butt . I will take your word that it is not complicated, but it doesn’t look easy either.

  2. MrsK

    Looks amazing! I’m always in awe of those who can tie these solo. Nice work!
    The black look excellent against your skin and that first pic…. wow!

  3. Life of Elliott...

    You are hilarious ML, I waste my entire morning waking up. But I know you are serious and I love your honesty. I also love this tie that you did, most impressive for a solo effort. And the photograph is absolutely fabulous! That’s the real deal for an erotic photo. The colors, the background, the rope tie, and your gorgeous bottom.

  4. PurpleSole

    I’m always in awe of your ability to do the tie and photography on your own. I too have symmetry issues so I understand your frustration. Sounds like a great way to start the day though .

  5. sass c.

    Your photos always come out so well. But I get frustrated when the camera doesn’t focus too and it’s been doing it a lot lately to the point that I’ve made do with my shitty phone pictures instead haha.

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  7. collaredmichael

    Looking sexy and lovely! You are becoming a master in rope work! You really need a rope bunny, or Roxy! Roxy to tie you, and the bunny so you can practice more easily!

  8. DeviantSuccubus

    Well, I think it looks hot! I think perfectionism and rope work are closely tied together (lol, i just giggled at my own pun, please help me!), so it can get frustrating when the symmetry doesn’t work out. You did a fab job though!

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