A Magical Dance with Naomi

Last year at the start of winter, I filmed a spanking film alongside three other girls and two tops at a beautiful manor in the countryside. It took a full three days to film with a six of the best caning scene at the end. When we finished my final take I felt completely exhausted and wanted nothing more than to curl up into a blanket and eat. I put on my comfiest knickers and pyjamas and happily sat down at the dinner table where we were served very tasty homemade pasta and ciabatta. 

Over the last three days, there had been suggestions of having a small party and taking some drugs. I had never taken drugs before and felt a little reluctant. In fact, up until that point, I had actively been avoiding parties and alcohol because they made me feel uncomfortable. However, I had grown fond of everyone in this short timespan and when I looked at Bella, I thought I now had someone I could trust. If there was ever a time I wanted to try drugs, now would be a good time, as I felt like everyone would take care of me and keep me safe. 

By this point, everyone but Dilan and I had gotten up from the table. She had never tried 2C-B before either, but we both agreed we’d give it a go. We took it and then sat down in the living room in front of the fire. Everyone else joined us and then it became a waiting game. 

“Do you feel anything yet?” I was asked a few times. 

I shrugged every time, unsure if anything had changed yet. It probably took between 30 minutes and an hour before I felt a kind of funny feeling in my body. It felt like I was radiating light or as if light was living inside of my body. It was a bit strange, but pleasant. The Baron asked me how I was doing and took me to what we now jokingly call the kitchen cupboard, which was technically still in the same room. 

The door remained open so we could look into the kitchen and see what everyone else was up to but he had turned the light off in here. He was explaining the effects of 2C-B to me. The good thing, he said, was that I could turn its effects on and off if I wanted to. So in theory, by stepping back into a ‘normal’ lit room, it would seem like everything was normal again and therefore I was in control.

Mind you, I really wasn’t feeling that different from my usual self and I was far from losing control. While something had changed I couldn’t quite place it. Someone suggested lights might be brighter on 2C-B but that was barely the case for me. I was musing this over with the Baron when somehow from one moment to another I ended up back in the kitchen. 

From one moment to another, my hands somehow ended up in Naomi’s, who had been another spankee in the movie this weekend. All of a sudden, the most beautiful woman stood in front of me. She was wearing a stylish and sexy kinky outfit that she had clearly thought about, had her hair down (after wearing it in schoolgirl braids for three days straight) and had emphasised her eyes beautifully with her makeup. Her touch was warm and gentle and caused my heart to skip a beat. 

She pulled me closer and invited me to dance. Smoothly, she spun around and did a pirouette, then guided me into one. I momentarily lost my grounding, as anxiety took hold of me. My sight changed into a dizzy spell and I felt like I was flying. But then she safely caught me with her other hand, and I took part in this dance. 

I couldn’t help but smile and we pulled each other closer. I looked into her eyes and felt like I just wanted to keep looking at her. Her lips were hovering just a few inches away from mine and then we kissed. Everything felt magical.

I could still feel the anxiety over dancing in my body but at the same time, Naomi made everything feel alright. We continued dancing, then kissed again.

She lifted me on the kitchen counter and just a moment later, I was lying across it on my back.

“Careful” – “Oh, wait” – I heard voices say as they hastily moved some glasses out of the way.

Naomi laughed and made one of her funny jokes, which made me feel like it was just the two of us at that moment and the rest of the world didn’t matter.

She asked and then pulled my pyjama bottoms down to discover my less than sexy underwear.  

“Those seem way too comfortable,” she jokingly said.

My cheeks went red and I stumbled over my words. “Yes I was – cold – tired and…” I wanted to say how I was feeling anything but cold right now. 

I ended up half naked on the kitchen counter and she threw half a glass of water over my chest. It made me jump a little in shock, and aroused me at the same time, as it felt like she was taking charge, and we laughed again. 

She asked me what I wanted to do, but I didn’t quite know. I realised that she may be a service top and at that moment I didn’t know myself well enough to know what I wanted. All I could feel was that I wanted to make her happy. But as we didn’t know each other really, neither of us seemed to know how to do that. 

I came off the kitchen counter and we both stood opposite each other again. It looked like we both wanted more but didn’t know how to continue from here. She said that she probably needed to go outside for a little bit and asked me if I wanted to come or was okay on my own. 

I felt like she needed a little bit of space right now so I figured I would be okay. I needed to be around people but knew I would be able to find someone somewhere.

I didn’t really know how to thank her. She’d made me feel alive in a way I hadn’t in a long time. I figured she would probably never be interested in engaging with me again because I was so awkward. I thought it would be best to give her space and for me to try not to be clingy. 

In the ballroom, I later watched her dance and then ended up cuddling on the couch with C, who I had chatted to quite a bit the day before. He made me feel so calm and safe that by the end of the night, I went to bed peacefully. My first experience on drugs had been great and I felt happy that I had suddenly found people I could be myself around. 

Xx Mila

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