A Gift and a Little Photoshoot

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I know it’s unusual for me to post on a Tuesday, but I’m too excited about this to wait. A couple of weeks, or a little over a month ago, Spandex_Slut69 messaged me on Fetlife, letting me know that he loved my pictures and asking if I had a wish list because he would like to buy something for me.

I was really surprised. A stranger wanted to buy something for me?! Why? And… could I really let a stranger pay for something for me? I struggle to let my friend buy me presents! I don’t want to use people you know…

But he reassured me that it was okay so I thought… I guess I can make a wish list at least. So I went to amazon and looked at a few nice outfits that I was curious about, unsure if they’d work for me, but which looked good. I then realised that in order for someone to buy something for you off your Amazon wish list you need to reveal at least the place of your location and I didn’t feel comfortable with that. So I messaged him to thank him but that I didn’t want to reveal my address.

He suggested some other ways we could possibly do this, and then I suggested he could buy me a gift card instead so that I could buy the items he wanted to gift me with that money. He agreed and suddenly… I was going to get two new outfits for free?!

I showed him two screenshots of the order confirmations and then the waiting began. They’d arrive somewhere in November, Amazon said.

Meanwhile, Spandex_Slut69 and I kept on chatting as he’s genuinely such a nice guy and he put quite a bit of faith in me for giving me the gift card. If I wasn’t a genuine person I could have used the money for something else.

Once it arrived I took a few simple pictures. The usual ones where I’m just standing in front of my mirror or a while wall and shared it with him in a private folder. I intended to do a little photoshoot, but you know… time and busy life.

But now here we are! I did it and it was a lot of fun!

I take all of my pictures myself. I either use my phone and a remote control or my Canon camera with a 10-second timer. You can imagine that this makes it quite difficult to do a proper photoshoot. When using the Canon, I don’t know if the light is good, nor the focus once I’m in front of the camera and it’s quite tricky (and a bit stressful haha) when the 10-second timer starts beeping and I have to rush into position! If I use my phone it’s difficult to make it stand in the right position. I don’t have a tripod for my phone (I do for my camera) so I often use a bedside table, positioned on top of the bed, an object behind the phone and a smaller one in front to keep it standing. One thing you can say is that I’m inventive, I guess!

But for this photoshoot, I wanted to use my Canon because the quality is just so much better! I kind of improvised with the positions and angles, which was a lot of fun. To be honest, I like the creativity. I don’t really like taking pictures of myself. I don’t mind it, but it doesn’t turn me on unless someone like Miss Lois (like she often did in the past) tells me to. Then it does turn me on massively. But not in this case, where I take the pictures on my own accord. But it’s okay because I love the creative aspect of it and seeing the good results!

I would like to share some of them with you because I am a little proud of how it turned out, hehe, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

This is the full outfit, although I already owned the boots and the hood.

I uploaded the rest of the photoshoot on Here. These are all the pictures (26) that came out good, as the original amount was more around 50! There are different angles, more close-ups etc. 

By the way, the outfit can be found on Amazon here.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

15 Replies to “A Gift and a Little Photoshoot”

  1. Tom

    All I can say is that you are one sexy young lady, and I know you are lesbian ?. I particularly like the one taken from behind, number 2.

    Without an external flash and playing with manual settings there is not that much that you can do. I would surely bump up the exposure compensation in most of them, especially when there is a lot of white background in the frame which forces the camera to underexpose. Photos 2 and 6 are good examples of this. Or did you deliberately made them darker?

    However, I actually like no. 2 underexposed as it is, it somehow sets the right misterious mood.

    In any case, good job ML! Enjoy your new outfit and your eroticism ?.

    • MLSlavePuppet

      Haha, why thank you! ?

      No, you’re right, I didn’t necessarily do it on purpose. When I take pictures of nature or whatever I set everything manually but for convenience I set it on automatic taking pictures of myself. I’ll try out your advice next time, thanks!

      But I agree, it ended up working out for no. 2!
      I would have deleted 6 entirely but I figured people might want to see the outfit in full and it had gotten too dark outside to take another picture when I was taking these after I’d checked them (I’ll admit I was too lazy to do it again another day haha)

      Hehe, thank you 😉

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