Vagina Pump Review

I was approached by Bestvibe once again to review one of their toys and I chose to try out the Remote Pussy Pumps with Egg Vibrators. Like last time, the toy arrived in discreet packaging, and within the box, every item came in individually wrapped plastic. 

The reason why I was interested in trying a pussy pump is that I wanted to know if it would make my vagina and clit more sensitive. I’m not entirely sure where I got this idea. I feel like I must have once read about it or seen it in porn, perhaps? 

Anyway, I wasn’t necessarily looking for pleasure. I just wanted to see if a vagina pump could change my sensations, whether that’d be pleasurable or painful and when I posted a picture on my Onlyfans, it seemed like others were also curious about this. 

Vagina Pump Review

The vaginal pump also came with an egg vibrator, which is attached to a remote controller with a wire. I don’t like vaginal insertion much, so I decided to try the pump on its own first. Though, looking at it, the bullet seemed small enough that it shouldn’t really hurt to insert, even for me. 

It was a little hard to place the vagina pump exactly right for it to work. I don’t know if the surface area around my vagina is small but the pump felt just one or two centimetres too big for me. When I did manage to place it in exactly the right spot it worked well. With just a few pumps, my vagina was rather enlarged. 

It’s hard to describe the sensation. It literally feels as if that part of your body is being blown up. It becomes a little painful the more you pump it up but it’s not very painful. Once I got it to this point, I didn’t really know what to do with it. As soon as I took my hand off the device it also came off my vagina. But keeping it in place with nothing else to do seemed a little pointless. 

As soon as the device came off, the suction (obviously) disappeared and my vagina reverted back to its original size. Unlike what I’d hoped for, my vagina or clit weren’t any more sensitive afterwards. 

I guess I found out why this pump includes a vibrating egg. Since you can’t touch your vagina while the pump is on, the only way to have any stimulation is by having something inside so it was time to try this. 

To prepare myself, I first used my wand for a few minutes. I’ve learned that being somewhat aroused helps with insertion, haha. 

While the egg is tiny, I’m very tight so I added some lube onto it just to be sure. As a result, it didn’t hurt to insert it at all, which is a massive plus! The vibrator has about 16 different settings (if I counted correctly!) The first three are simply a constant kind of vibration and each is a little more intense than the other whereas the rest consist of different patterns of vibrations. 

Vagina Pump Review

The first 30 seconds, I thought the first vibration setting was quite strong. What the hell did I put in my vagina? I thought. (I mean, it’s not like I’ve never used a vibrator like this before but lol). Shortly after, however, I already started to adjust and it became a bit boring, so I turned it up. 

I then took the pump and inflated my vagina once more. I actually managed to do it in such a way that I could stop holding the pump and it stayed sucked onto my vagina on its own. 

I’m not entirely sure if the pump added much of a different sensation for me. It just felt like my vagina had been inflated (since it was lol) and in the meanwhile, something was vibrating inside of me. It did feel somewhat pleasurable, but unfortunately, I never reach orgasm with just vaginal stimulation. 

I decided to play around with the pump a little bit, by having it deflate and then inflate again. As my arousal started to increase, suddenly the bullet vibrator came out, thus ending what was starting to become quite nice. I have to admit, I was a little afraid this might happen. In the past, vaginal vibrators have always come out if I hadn’t secured them in place somehow. 

I think I might try this again with a different slightly bigger vibrator, in the hope it might stay in. 

The big plus of the small egg vibrator that came with this one is that it’s definitely painless to insert and keep in, which is something I can’t be grateful for enough. The minus then, however, is that it can also come out easily (for me anyway).

The pump itself causes an interesting sensation but I found it hard to know what to do after my vagina had been enlarged. Unfortunately, the effect of the pump does not last beyond while it is touching your skin. 

If you enjoy vibrating eggs and would like to try something different some time, I would recommend trying it with a pump like this, as it does spice things up a little. 

If you are interested in trying one out yourself, you can get one here for $34.99.

Xx Mila 

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