The Fading Mark

This bruise was the result of a 50-stroke caning from back in early March. The last picture marks day 9 and it took about 17 days for this to fully heal. I’m not sure how it managed to get on the inside of my leg as she was definitely only caning my butt and thighs but it sure looked impressive! I shared a picture of Continue Reading →


This picture was taken on the third day after getting caned with the Singapore Prison Cane. I say that as if I know anything about canes, I don’t. I know it hurts though! I was looking forward to more of these canings but it’s going to be a while now due to Corona so instead, I’m reminiscing. The clip of this particular caning can be Continue Reading →

My First Caning Session

The video of this session (33 minutes) can be bought on my C4S here or contact me on and pay through PayPal. My First Caning Session I never thought my first form of impact play, apart from having done some light spanking, would be caning. To be honest, I’m interested in everything so I never had my mindset on a specific form of impact play Continue Reading →