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  1. Tom

    Apart from liking the story, I am really glad you found out what was causing your pain and that you are recovering from it.
    I like the feeling of being restrained and without control too, but my experiences are limited.

      • Tom

        She does, but not nearly as often as I would like her to. She’s not enthusiastic about it. Many years ago (funny how these signs of Her dominance and my submissiveness have been there from the start…) She used to tie my hands behind my back to prevent me from touching myself (I just couldn’t resist the temptation) while I was pleasuring Her with my mouth and tongue. It was to make me last longer without cumming when She finally mounted me to fuck me to Her orgasm. It worked, but it’s very acquard to eat pussy properly without using hands and fingers.
        Nowadays She mostly restrains me when She sits on my back to pin me down for hard spankings which are rare. Funny how as a spanko I simply cannot take proper spanking quietly and without bring restrained, even though it turns me on immenselly (before and after, not while it’s happening).

      • Tom

        Sometimes, but She is not too enthusiastic. Many years ago She would tie my wrists behind my back to prevent me from touching myself while I was eating Her out and to make me last longer when She finally took me in and rode me to Her orgasm. It worked, but it is very difficult to provide proper pussy licking with no hands and fingers. She also restrains me by sitting on my back to pin me down for hard spankins. I am a spanko. It turns me on, before and after, but when I am getting it for real, I cannot keep still or quiet enough.
        I was also hog-tied a few times.

        • MLSlavePuppet Post author

          How come she’s not too enthusiastic about tying your hands behind your back?
          Maybe because it makes it more difficult for you to make her come? haha
          I like the idea of her sitting on your back. Shows some power/strength play 😉

          • Tom

            She’s not into bondage, mostly She does it because I like it. But to tie me up so I couldn’t touch myself was Her idea. Now I am very obedient in this regard. And sitting on my back while She spanks me is a very dominant position, it makes me feel submissive and I can take a hard spanking without hiding my ass and privates.

  2. collaredmichael

    Hi I’m so glad you discovered these embolisms. Malpractice really to fail to check you thoroughly on previous visits to the doctor. I’m glad your suspensions went as well as they did. I’ve only been suspended once and it was a long time ago. Felt pretty cool though. Stay well!

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