Open Lotus

Open Lotus

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I’m not sure if this title makes sense. I brainstorm titles with my best friend and he was like, well if you had both legs crossed it would be a lotus, so maybe it’s half a lotus, or, an open lotus! So there you go. I bought these because all of you have these great pictures with fishnets and I got curious. I now know they’re a pain to get on the first few times but I do like the look of them! Also, I should stop buying crotchless things lol.

My favourite Sinful Sunday’s from last week,

Emulsion by Pain as Pleasure. The text that precedes the picture in the post made me laugh. While I have never been in a situation like this with paint before, I have had to yell some excuse to keep someone from coming in while I was still naked. The picture is beautiful. I love that it’s in black and white and emphasises the white wall that way. The shadow cast on the wall is a nice touch and there’s something erotic about painting naked.

Balloon by My Controlled Ascend. The colours in this picture are so satisfying. I love how the balloons aren’t just randomly scattered around but in a rainbow colour order. The way her body is positioned half under the balloons reminds me a bit of a ball pit, and who doesn’t like those? It’s an erotic picture also, but it mostly shouts joy to me.

Lolita by The other Livvy. I have very mixed feelings about Lolita but I won’t go into that here. What I do know is that I absolutely love this picture. The glasses, the lipstick, the red lipstick and the expression and the angle are perfect. I love how the eyes are slightly visible above the glasses. The light fall and the slight blur on the side make this picture complete.

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Sinful SundayOpen Lotus

Open Lotus

42 Replies to “Open Lotus”

  1. Tom

    Is a title even needed? “Netted Goddess” seems appropriate though .

    Crotchless underwear rules! My wife has three pairs of crotchless panties and She wears them or goes panty-less for special occassions.

  2. David Proctor

    Your lotus posture shows you as you open your lotus to your lover and the world. Wearing crotchless stockings is the opening for your beautiful self.

  3. Posy Churchgate

    Wonderful image, pushing many buttons. You look sensational here. I love finshets a LOT and had yearned for some in this ‘whalenet’ mesh for a while – they are indeed a pain to get on, I concur!

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  5. Van Mostly

    This is an amazing photo! I love the fishnets and heels combination and I think the pose works really well. It reminds me of Green Tara, who is stepping off her lotice to symbolise that she is active and ready.

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