Don’t be cheeky!

Last year around this time my blog was still fairly new and I’d only just started Onlyfans. I did a Christmas Advent Calendar and thought the festive season was a good excuse to be creative. This year, I haven’t felt festive at all, which hasn’t bothered me. Though it’s a little as if Christmas has just passed by, similar to the rest of the year. It has been a strange year after all and it might remain like this for a while.

Despite the circumstances, I have actually had a great year in some ways. I’ve never felt so close and open about my kinks and I’ve never felt so connected to other like-minded people. Depression taught me to live by the day and to enjoy small things. So fittingly, I’ll share a brief conversation I had with Roxy the other day, which brought me a lot of joy.

I can’t actually remember the conversation, but when it ended I was waiting for her to hang up as I was typing something on my laptop. Then I heard “Oh, for fucks sake,” and realised her phone must be playing up. Her screen had frozen and so I laughed, waited another moment and then wryly said: “Would you like me to hang up?”

“Yes, get on with it, don’t be cheeky.”

“I don’t know, I’m having quite a good time actually.”

I did hang up, of course, another few moments later when my cheekiness was fully gratified.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Xx Mila

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