A New Years Flogging with The Baron

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with my friends at the Manor this year and was able to stay all the way up until New Years, when we had a small party with about 20 people. Unfortunately my Mistress wasn’t there, and for one reason or another I felt really anxious that night. We had dinner in the formal dining room but my anxious mind made me feel like I didn’t belong. So when the courses finished, I hid away in my bedroom and had a minor breakdown.

I switched between thinking I should force myself to sleep to stop my train of thoughts and getting up and forcing myself to join the party. But every time I came close to moving, my anxiety intensified. I thought I should ask The Baron if he wanted to spank me, because play can help (and I had wanted to play with him anyway) but didn’t have the courage to send the message. My anxious brain felt like I would be a bother.

The Ballroom

Finally, I got up at about 30 minutes before midnight and made my way downstairs, where I found The Baron in the ballroom alone. He was staring at his phone. Clearly, neither of us were in the mood for a party. I sat down next to him and found some comfort in his presence. For just a moment at least, my thoughts slowed down. There was a vague mention of play but neither of us moved. Then Skadi walked in.

“Hey, do you remember who wanted to have a massage?” She asked.

Earlier that day, Skadi mentioned she had the best experience giving a massage while coming up on MDMA and said she wanted to repeat the experience. I looked at her for a moment and skeptically thought: You don’t remember? Have the drugs kicked in that hard? “It was Daphne.” Daphne offered before I did; I remember. 

“Oh, have you seen her?”

The Baron shook his head without looking up from his phone.

“I was wondering if you could help me carry the massage table to the dungeon,” Skadi continued.

He looked up this time. The faintest glimmer of amusement crossed his face as he grew aware of the real reason why Skadi had started this conversation. Then he kindly declined.

“I’ll carry it for you…” I started. There was no reason why I would be more capable carrying this table than Skadi, as we’re essentially the same size. The Baron is a tall man, but in reality a massage table isn’t that heavy. It was just a conversation starter, I suppose. “…If you give me a massage.”

“Okay,” Skadi said. She gave me the instructions as to where in her room I’d find it along with massage oil. She said she would get the towels and so I got up and left the ballroom.

The Massage Table

It probably took me less than 5 minutes to find the massage table and carry it down into the dungeon. Doing something felt good because it was distracting me from my anxiety. However, as soon as I got to the dungeon I became overwhelmed. No one else had been in the ballroom because everyone else was here.

I kept my eyes down as I walked in, then briefly glanced up and someone immediately asked me a question. I couldn’t find the words; the room felt distorted. I left and ran back upstairs where I returned to the quiet ballroom.

The Baron now sat on a different couch and Skadi still stood in front of the fire.

“Did you already…”

“Yes,” I replied to Skadi with a somewhat cheeky smile. “Where are the towels?”

She said she would get them and left the room. As soon as she had gone, my face relaxed back into a troubled expression. I sat back down next to The Baron who was still staring at his phone. I got mine out, which opened on my Whatsapp history with The Baron and showed me the message I’d written earlier but never sent. It was something along the lines of: Would you be up for giving me a New Year’s spanking of some sorts?

I showed it to him now with some insecure mumbles I’m not sure were audible. Almost immediately, he put his phone aside and got up, announcing he would get his flogger.

I checked the clock; it was 10 to 12. “But what about midnight? Does it not matter that it’s almost 12?”

He paused for a moment, then decided he didn’t care and in all honesty, I didn’t either. We got his flogger from upstairs and when we returned, everyone else had started to gather in the ballroom.

Skadi and I had a brief conversation and apparently, the massage table needed to be in the ballroom now and not the dungeon. I rolled my eyes but quickly went back down to pick it up, conscious of the tickling clock. With purpose, I brought the massage table into the ballroom. There were now maybe 3 minutes left before midnight.


With almost everyone in the ballroom, I noticed The Baron back away every so slightly from the circle of people. And I wondered if his somewhat troubled expression almost mirrored my own.

Still when the clock struck 12, we all went round to hug and wish each other a happy new year and I felt lucky to be here with my friends.

I tried to make sure to hug everyone before I went up to the Baron and wished him a happy new year too.

It only took a few seconds before the flogger came out and we positioned ourselves somewhere in the ballroom to play. I asked him if I should undress and he said I should in the areas that I wanted to be hit. I don’t generally feel shy being naked but I don’t like to impose and feel unsure as to what other people feel comfortable with. Most of the time I haven’t been naked when The Baron and I played. This time though, I ended up taking all my clothes off.

He directed my hands on my head and suddenly I was incredibly aware of the other people in the room and I did feel shy being naked.

We were positioned at the end of the ballroom, which meant everyone else was in front of us and had now glanced our way. Near the far door stood a couple that was attending a Manor party for the first time and I remember thinking: Oh god, she’s only seen a shy, possibly distant and anti-social version of me so far and now I’m about to be beaten up. I noticed the maker of The Baron’s flogger standing next to them, then saw Skadi take a seat on a couch less than two meters away from me, a grin on her face as our eyes met. I quickly scanned the rest of the room once more. How did I end up naked in front of everyone as the first ones to initiate play? I had to cast my eyes down for a moment and urged myself to forget we were in a room with other people. We are just going to play and it will help ease my anxiety, I told myself. 

The Flogging

The first hit crashed against my body like a rough wave washing over me. I closed my eyes to take in the powerful sensation and on the second hit, it felt like the crashing waves cleansed my body. My airways seemed to open up and I became able to breathe again. My body grew lighter and I was able to give into the moment, realising that I would no longer have to think for the next little while. I was safe here and I didn’t have to be anyone but myself.

My lips curled into a smile upon the next impact of the flogger and Skadi looked at me like she knew exactly what I was feeling right now.

It made me feel a little shy again. I knew that I was smiling, enjoying the pain and would only grow to love it more. In doing so I was showing off my ‘darker’ side; that of the weirdo who enjoys pain, but the thought could not overwhelm me anymore. Skadi seemed to know what I was thinking and her smile was meant to tease. During any other moment, I might have charged at her and done something cheeky but currently I needed to stay still because I was getting flogged.

He built up the intensity of the scene really well and hit me in different places on my bottom and back. Because my high level of anxiety the hits truly felt nice from the start. I could feel the pain but it’s exactly what I wanted to feel in that moment. And every time I smiled, I wish he could see it on my face, grateful for the pleasure of this moment.

Time seemed to be an unfamiliar concept as we played. He paused sometimes to check how I was doing, providing me with a gentle touch.

He tried different subsequent hits in one spot, and purposefully let the flogger wrap around my body to hit my breast (pre-negotiated, of course). It was an interesting sensation and felt like it took the air right out of my lungs.

Skadi and I kept exchanging glances every now and then until the scene became intense enough that I couldn’t focus on anything else but us. The entire room had disappeared and all that mattered was The Baron and I. The space we had created together felt safe and by this point I felt more than happy to show off I enjoyed taking his pain. While we have played several times before, we never really played this intensely.

The Baron stopped when he noticed that I started sweating a lot. I did not notice at all but was aware that we should probably take a break soon, at the very least. His timing therefore was perfect and we embraced in a loving hug.

I wanted nothing more than to just sit with him for a while now, to hold onto this safe space. I could tell from his voice that he too had felt something he needed that night. Like his sadist side had finally been allowed to come out, and we’d accepted and embraced each other.

We moved over to a sofa and sat together for aftercare. My body was shaking, but as expected, it calmed down fairly quickly afterwards.

My anxiety had gone and I managed to enjoy the rest of the night, staying up until 7 am. The flogging had been the best introduction to the new year, but another encounter with Skadi later that night filled me with even more joy. To be continued in the next blog post.

Xx Mila

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