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Hello and welcome on my site. Thank you for considering my services. At the moment I offer reviews in exchange for the product. If you are interested in this or are looking for another way to work with me, such as guest blogs, paid writing or advertising please contact me. I’m happy to work with you!

You can contact me on or through any direct messages on my social media.


I am very happy to receive sex toys, bondage gear and lingerie in exchange for an honest review posted on my site and which will be promoted on Twitter. A previous review that I’ve written was for the Paloqueth clit sucker and can be found here.

In addition to the review of a sex toy, I can publish a video of me using the product for a small fee. For example, I have used the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Massage Wand Vibrator in a video in which I reach orgasm within 1.5 minutes. I have also made a video in which I pour candle wax from Candles by Kitten over my nipples. (Examples of pictures and videos that I have created, please visit this page or check out my Fetlife page.)

In regards to lingerie, I will post a picture (more can be discussed) of the product in addition to the review. Additionally, I will post the picture on my Fetlife and link back to the review, as well as on Instagram if it adheres to Instagrams terms of use. The picture below alone (posted here) received three questions from different people about where I bought the tartan briefs.

Contact me on Thank you!

Xx Marie Louise.