Work with me

Hello and welcome on my site. Thank you for considering my services. I’m happy to work with you!
You can contact me on or through any direct messages on social media.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts will have to fit the content of my site and I believe this will be beneficial for both of us. I use my own experiences in my writing and try to make my content relatable for my readers. We can discuss whether you would provide the content for a post or whether I will write the post for you. In both instances, the post will link back to your website/company.

Guest posts

I can write non-fiction posts for your site.


An advert will be put in the sidebar on my site and will link to your website/company. You will provide the artwork and the link and we can discuss prices and how long the ad will stay for.


I am happy to receive sex toys, bondage gear and lingerie in exchange for an honest review posted on my site and which will be promoted on Twitter. A previous review that I’ve written was for the Paloqueth clit sucker and can be found here.

I am especially interested in lingerie and we can discuss what additional kind of pictures I can take, as would be appropriate for the review.

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Xx Marie Louise.