Wearing Clothespins for a Full Night

Clothespins were one of the first things I used to experience some sort of submissive feeling and pain on my own. I don’t remember how I got the idea, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it was an easy and cheap way to do some nipple play. When I discovered this I searched through my parent’s house for clothes pins but they were really hard to find. Did they not use any? What about laundry? Why were they hidden?

I ended up going to the store and felt incredibly self-conscious walking up to the till to buy some clothespins. Who bought these things at my age? What possible purpose could they have to a teen? As if I’d be doing laundry (#spoiled). I was feeling excited; the butterflies in my stomach were going in all directions. So when I got home with my prize I immediately took them out of its wrapping.

Back then my door was always open on a chink. I don’t know why but I’d always slept with it a little open so I guess it was normal to me. My desk and the majority of the space in my room was on the right side of my door, which swung open to the left side, behind which there was just enough space for my high sleeper that had a couch underneath it. I mostly closed my door and sat down on the couch on the corner closest to the door. It didn’t really matter because my parents often weren’t home, but this way I would be able to hear if someone was coming closer and if they did come in, I’d have a few extra seconds to hide what I was doing.

I remember the initial stingy feeling when putting one clothespin on each nipple. It hurt but it made my heartbeat quicken with excitement as I felt a feeling of arousal which I couldn’t really identify; I wasn’t sexually active yet and when I’d tried self-pleasure I didn’t get why people enjoyed this. All I knew was that it felt really good. The longer I left the clothespins on, the more they started burning. I doubt I left them on for a long time. I didn’t really know what to do after I’d put them on. That was the whole experience, what now?

I knew that I was submissive and wanted this desire to be fulfilled. Rather than just feeling this, I wanted someone to tell me to feel the pain. While the first experience with them was pleasurable, I didn’t really care for them after this because there was no point if it wasn’t for someone else. So eventually, I asked my friend if she could set me a task…

My friend was someone that had introduced me to self-pleasure and who I felt a little comfortable bringing up sex or topics deriving from that. It felt like a stretch to tell her about my desire to feel pain, but I must have become too desperate at some point.

I asked her to tell me to wear them overnight while keeping my hands cuffed. I owned handcuffs by then, which with I had cuffed my hands together behind my back before, but for this night, I’d simply keep them on my stomach. I don’t know what purpose they had because I could get out of them any second and even with them on I could detach the clothespins from my nipples.

That night, the clothespins increasingly started burning as time ticked away very slowly. It didn’t get any better over time, there was no relief, it only hurt more and more and more. I tried to sleep to ignore the pain but I only managed to sleep very lightly, so I was awake every half an hour or so, then stayed awake for a long while, attempting to find a way to cope. I tried turning on my side, sitting up, cupping my boobs to take some pressure off but it didn’t help and yet I was determined to see this through.

In hindsight, I have no idea how I coped with it. I wasn’t used to any pain and while I am pretty good at holding out, as you know, I am impressed I was as well at that age. However, at around 3.30 I had to take one off. Somehow, the left nipple burned much more than the right and I simply couldn’t take it anymore. Removing it, of course, was truly agonising and yet I was still determined to at least keep the other one on. In fact, I felt like I should put the other one back on after giving the nipple a bit of a break.

Attempting to put it back on was terrible. The opened clothespin hovered over my nipple as my hand was shaking a little bit. Just close it, I told myself. Just let it go. As you know, it’s often worse if you attach something slowly. Yes, it hurts a lot if you do it at once but at least it’s over then. I managed to re-attach it but then had to remove it just a little while later and still went back to put it on again. A little later I ended up doing the same with the other until at around 5 or 6 o’clock, I took the cuffs and the clothespins off to properly go back to sleep (except I couldn’t because once my night is broken I just can’t sleep anymore).

It was only after I’d done this that I realised it hadn’t been the best idea. I had really enjoyed the experience even though it had been agonising during but how long could you leave clothespins on your nipples for? Was what I’d done safe? I started googling and the results differed. Some sites said you could safely do it for an hour, some said only 15 minutes were appropriate but either way about it, I’d used them for several hours…

I didn’t use clothespins again for a long while after this. I didn’t talk to anyone about this experience, ashamed to admit I had maybe not gone about this the right way. And oh, who would possibly want to do this to themselves?

I have a gap in my memory between this event and the next time I used clothespins again. I followed some prompts on Tumblr later on, such as wearing 20 of them spread out over my body. When I got together with my ex, prompts like this were saved for punishments and I had them on me for 60 minutes once, only being able to remove one every minute (yes, this also came off Tumblr).

I had a hate/love relationship with clothespins but they always got me very wet. I ended up buying clover clamps with a chain at some point, but they were often too painful for me to keep on. Using clothespins was a good middle ground. Since I met Miss Lois I never used clothespins again as they became too soft of a tool to punish me or provide fun for her, apparently. I have used many clamps since that time and now clothes pins no longer have the desired effect. I thought this post would be a fun opportunity to use them for some pictures though. I’ve uploaded the full set on Onlyfans and I have to say, I love the marks the clothespins leave!

To anyone starting out I would recommend clothespins. They are indeed such a cheap way to try things with and not too painful to put you off immediately. I’m really happy they helped me find my way to being the masochistic slave I am today. Though I am surprised at how masochistic I was that one time as a teenager…

More of these pictures on my Onlyfans here and a 20-second video of me pulling them off here.

Xx MLSlavePuppet

Inspired by Kink of the Week ‘Clothespins

12 Replies to “Wearing Clothespins for a Full Night”

  1. BrainMassage

    Thanks for sharing your interesting experience! I have a question about what you said, that on
    you clothespins do not have the desired effect anymore, after you have experienced other kinds of clamps. Does that mean that you have partially lost sensitivity on that area, or just that psychologically it does not produce the same effect due to the fact that you are now used to more severe stimulation? You mentioned the fact that you’ve read contrasting opinions about the proper amount of time one should keep clothespins applied. With the experience you’ve gained on your own body, do you have any suggestions about it, that might be useful to readers of this blog who might want to follow your steps and try this kind of experience? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Thank you for leaving a comment!
      I have not lost sensitivity at all. My nipples appear to be the most sensitive place on my body, to some extent anyway haha
      So it’s the second one. I’m used to more severe stimulation. Because I am so sensitive, clothespins still hurt on my nipples but it’s too mild at the same time?

      So, I’m not sure what the right amount of time is? I know that I was really worried that I’d fucked up my nipples for a year or two after, though I didn’t have evidence that they’d been damaged. I was simply paranoid. I then stopped thinking about it and realised a few years ago that they seem perfectly fine? I’m not really an expert. I’d say do what feels right. I used plastic clothespins back then. I hope this is a little helpful

      • BrainMassage

        …and thank you for your prompy reply!
        I am glad your approach based on instinct rather than on external knowledge brought you through the right path and did not cause you any damage. It’s great that you are still able to perceive those painfully lovely sensations and that those precious nipples are still 100% ok 😉
        I believe your suggestion, “do what feels right” is a good one in most cases in life. We are all different from each other, special and unique in our own peculiar ways, so what’s good for the majority of people might not be optimal for others, and vice versa. It is always important to listen to your own body, your own sensations, your own instincts, even though it sometimes contrasts to what you have heard or read from others. In most cases your own perception is correct. Therefore, I join you in suggesting this to your readers.

  2. Tom

    Hello ML.

    I believe that having blood flow completely obstructed in any part of the body for several hours would cause permanent damage due to lack of oxygen so I would strongly recommend against it. The fact that your nipples “survived” the ordeal means that the springs in the clothpins that you used were (luckily) not strong enough to completely stop the blood flow. Just saying…

    How long is safe surely depends on the tissue, on the amount of tissue trapped between the prongs, on how much blood flow is maintained during the occlusion, on the individuals, type of device… Ultimately it’s the pressure applied to the blood vessels (arteries) at compression site that determines to what extent the blood flow is blocked and you cannot predict this. So, tread lightly when increasing the duration…
    Just as a ball park: manufacturers of medical erection rings (the ones used together with erection pumps for erectile disfunction) recommend never to keep the ring on for more than half an hour to avoid damage to the penis.

    All that said, I totally dig your enthusiasm for rough and painful nipple play, I love those feelings … 😛

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Hi Tom,

      I’m sure you’re right haha. That’s why I was very embarrassed for a long while for doing such a stupid thing. But then, I was young and didn’t really know stuff so I, yknow, it just happened and I’m older and wiser now haha
      And I’d never do it again! I think I read something like this, like what you’re saying on the internet and I just kind of was like… shit.

      Haha, glad you can relate to those feelings ;p

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