Turtle Harness

It has been a while since I’ve made a rope harness and I was surprised to find that doing so came quite naturally to me. The pace of the tutorial was quite good for me and I only paused the video a few times. Usually, I want to make something as perfect as I can, but I didn’t worry about that this time. Since my mental health hasn’t been great, I told myself to spend an hour doing this as a fun kinky distraction and to just roll with the result.

Turtle Harness

For a while, I’d been wondering what the most effective way would be to put a black sheet on the wall. Today, I realised I could simply prop up my mattress, which worked perfectly and is so convenient! Why did I not think of that before?

Thanks to a fan, I recently got a second one of this colour rope, which I’m so happy with because I can make a full harness now! The disadvantage of this one, however, is that it’s nylon which I find harder to handle. As you can see, the result didn’t come out super neat and while I’m sure I could manage a better result, nylon rope does make it harder.

Turtle Harness

On another note, I love how you can sort of imagine the shell of a turtle in this harness! That’s why it has the turtle harness name, of course.
All pictures of me in this harness can be found on my onlyfans.

Xx Mila

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  1. Mary Wood

    In my opinion, from the front, with the proper level of imagination, one can imagine a tortoise shell. So thanks to the fan who supplied you with this cute rope. And to you, for sharing.


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