Tie me up Tuesday #4: What to wear to a Party?

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage.

New Prompt!

Seems like everyone enjoyed the hip harness. Wearing it made me feel secure and I think we all looked amazing wearing it. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear that to a party someday?

On that note, maybe it’s time to try out a bigger harness, like the Hishi Karada (Rope Dress) or the Lightning harness. I also came across the Masculine Karada Self-Tie which appears to be specifically designed for people with what is classified as male genitals. If you’ve been tying your partner, why not tie each other this time? 😉

I have some questions to think about:

What would you add to this outfit in order to actually wear it to a party? Would you wear something underneath the rope? Feel brave enough to go without anything? Or would you wear this under your outfit? Or maybe this is only meant for in the bedroom, that’s completely fine.

Or, alternatively. Does wearing a harness make you feel pretty? Appreciate yourself more? Or does it make you feel more self-conscious instead? Can you use this prompt to make yourself appreciate yourself and your body a bit more? Maybe this isn’t about wearing it to a party and instead about being in a safe space where you are the only one who sees you and you can be proud of what you see.

You don’t have to answer any of these or even think about them. Feel free to just take the prompt and create a harness or do anything else. As always, I hope that this will help you connect to your kinky self and allow yourself some time off for some fun.

The Hishi Karada (Rope Dress)
The Dutchy advises that you need 1 10m rope for this, but perhaps keep another one at hand in case you need slightly more.

What to wear to a Party?

Lightning harness
The Dutchy advises that you need 1 10m rope for this, but perhaps keep another one at hand in case you need slightly more.

Masculine Karada Self-Tie
I believe you should have enough with 1 10m rope. I’m aware the video is really quick, but if you pause it is should be possible! you don’t need a partner for this one either.

What to wear to a Party?

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21 Replies to “Tie me up Tuesday #4: What to wear to a Party?”

  1. Jamie Graves

    I have a self made rope harness for guys from a few years ago. How do I post it here and also include a photo of it ??
    Also it’s made with a lace, instead of rope.

    • MLSlavePuppet Post author

      Oh that sounds very cool! If you don’t have a blog, do you use twitter / do you feel comfortable posting the picture on there?
      Once it’s tweeted you just copy the link of that tweet and add it to the linkup below 🙂 Does that makes sense?

      • Jamie Graves

        Yes I have Twitter. I will do as instructed. Thank you for the “how to do this”. 🙂

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