Tie me up Tuesday #11: Heel Tie

Safety first: Before tying anything, please read over the safety tips rope bondage site The Dutchy has provided. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case you or your partner have to get out of the rope as quickly as possible! Ok, so, bondage.

Last week

Our butts looked amazing!! Check them all out here.

New Prompt & Instructions: Heel Tie or Foot Harness

Heel Tie

I don’t think we need a tie like this perse, as we all tend to listen to our doms when we’re told to wear a certain item, right? But I feel like adding the rope would fire up the submissive feeling by threefold. At least, it would for me and so I’ve been interested in trying this tie sometimes. The Dutchy has two different types, so you can choose to do either.

Tie me up Tuesday #11: Heel Tie

Image by The Dutchy

Image by The Dutchy







Top Weave Style video tutorial by The Dutchy

Stirrup Style video tutorial by The Dutchy

Foot Harness


For those of us who have absolutely 0 affinities with heels, this foot harness might be interesting. She explains that it can be used for suspension, though even then, you probably can’t dangle from just your foot for too long. Still, it looks pretty and can just be decorative.

Video Tutorial by Better Call It Art

Don’t have rope? Or you aren’t in the position to tie right now?

Feel free to share a picture from the past or tell us about an experience you’ve had with rope.

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13 Replies to “Tie me up Tuesday #11: Heel Tie”

  1. the barefoot sub

    The gravity boot (the foot harness) is an incredible tie for suspension. I have used it in partials myself (self tie and tying others) but others I know use it for full suspension. One bunny falls asleep in that position.

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