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Some of you probably know that I was quite a fan of PainSlutLois’ blog (not the Lois that trained me). She stopped posting a little while ago but linked to my and this other girl’s blog (Laura, Student Slave) quite recently, after which Laura and I started talking. It turns out we’re quite similar in our masochism and servitude and enjoy hearing about the tasks we might be set by other people or pain we have to endure. In other words, we might also both be a little bit of a sadist and suddenly I had a fun idea…

What if I was to give her a task which she had to do, and then she’d give me a task after she completed hers and then I’d give her another one after I finished mine. This would go on until the tasks became more difficult and sadistic and I expected that neither of us would give up as we’re too stubborn and masochistic, and also like a challenge?

It was a little bit of a joke at first with a small, serious intention of potentially doing it… You know where this is going, right? Of course, we’re going to do this!

The way it works is that I’ll start by setting a task/challenge for Laura and will post it here, on my blog. She will then do it and write about it in a post on her blog, which will at the end include the task/challenge she sets for me. Then I’ll do the task, will write about it here and set her a new task etc.

We have decided to do it with writing instead of with pictures as writing often portrays the experience better than a picture might. However, I plan to take a picture(s) or video perhaps (depending on) and post it on my OnlyFans.

If either one of us can’t or won’t do a task there will be a punishment. We’re open to punishment suggestions, which you can leave in a comment on this post or on the post on her site. We want the punishment to be unpleasant enough so that we can’t just opt-out of a task, but they should not push limits and have to be practical. We’ll choose a single punishment and if this one has been executed at some point by either of us, a new one will be picked.

My first task for Laura

The following parts can be done separately at different times if so desired. Laura is only allowed to open part 2 when she finishes part 1, and part 3 when she finishes part 2. You, dear reader, can read to your heart’s content.

Part 1: Buy some binder clips and string.

Laura finished her task and wrote about it here. Be sure to have a look as it will also include the task she’s giving me!

Xx Marie Louise

Task 1 completed by Laura
Task 1 completed by me

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  1. Laura

    Well well well! This is an interesting task and not what I expected at all! I’ve bought some binder clips and a ball of string and am terrified of what they are for!

    For now I have read part two and am looking forward (maybe not the right phrase) to trying it asap!

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