Task: Wax your Bikini Area

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Miss Lois had a new task in mind but she was a little reluctant. She didn’t want me to have to spend money on tasks. So she suggested the following: if I didn’t want to do the task because of the money I wouldn’t have to. But if I didn’t want to do it for any other reason, I would have to do the task like any other. I said I thought that was fair. I had no idea what kind of task she had in mind. Then she said…

Miss Lois: “I want you to get your bikini area waxed.

I immediately felt a rush of panic. Getting my bikini area waxed in like a studio? By a stranger? Where I’d have to lie on like… a table? and show my vagina for them to… well sort of touch it to remove the hairs?

“In a waxing studio, exactly,” she said.

I felt some sort of sensation in my entire body. It wasn’t arousal, just panic. I felt a little bit lightheaded and very unsure if I could do it or not. But I didn’t mind the money that much so there was no reason why I could not do the task. I had to do it… so I said “Okay, Miss” and then our conversation went elsewhere.

After Miss Lois had left, I did some research online, googling for experiences of other women who had their bikini area waxed. As it turned out, some had written blog posts about it, which was quite funny to read, even in the vanilla context. It also calmed me down a bit. I now knew what to expect and slowly adjusted my mindset to get used to the idea until I thought: I can do this. It’s fine. Women do this all the time, it’s a completely normal thing. I have nothing to be afraid of.

But finding a place to do it made me more nervous again. I kept on imagining what it would be like… to undress in a room with a stranger – to then lie down and ‘happily’ let this person see my vagina… to then let them rip off all the hairs…

I was still a little terrified. I didn’t know if it was better to set a later date or do it sooner. So I told my brain to shut up and simply booked a date, maybe two weeks after she told me to do it?

The closest venue where I could have my bikini area waxed was a 30-minute bicycle ride away. I knew I couldn’t take the car cause my mum would be using it and if she wasn’t she’d definitely want to know what I’d be up to… and if I’d said simply going to town, she would have wanted to tag along. So I accepted that I’d simply have to cycle there and then back home with a possibly very sensitive pussy.

I had booked the appointment for 10 AM, hoping that this way I’d avoid feeling nervous all day. I decided to wear some normal trousers and a top and arrived about 10 minutes early. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the reception/bar, where a woman of around my age offered me a drink and a mundane chat to calm down my nerves. She told me she was studying a degree in playwriting in Belgium, so she must have obviously been home for the summer too. It helped me relax and I thought: this is fine, I now have 10 minutes to mentally prepare but then in the middle of our conversation, the person who was going to wax my pussy walked in saying she was ready for me.

So I followed her through the hallway, feeling my heart beat in my chest, while my surrounding looked slightly blurry. We entered quite a small room with one cushioned table in the middle and a tv screen on the ceiling. She took me to the end of the room where there was a door with a very small room that really wasn’t much more than a box. She told me to undress in there and when I was ready to come and lie on the table. In the meantime, she left and so I entered the cubicle and took off my clothes…

It felt very strange, stepping outside of that cubicle half-naked. It felt even stranger walking to the table and lying down… and then hearing and seeing her come back in. She asked me if I’d done this before and I wondered if it wasn’t completely obvious that I hadn’t. I told her I wasn’t too nervous and that I was simply annoyed with my hair and had been told by a friend that this was a very convenient way to get rid of it for a while. lol. She said that she did this every few months and couldn’t go without anymore… so at least I guess she definitely thought this was normal!

She asked me to put the soles of my feet together so that she could access my bikini area more easily. It’s quite an uncomfortable position actually… for me anyway. I play football and this is the kinda stretch we often do because those muscles are quite tight for footballers somehow… and I happen to always start shaking when being in a certain positions costs me some effort… which I really didn’t want to do here because I didn’t want to seem afraid! Which I wasn’t! (I think, lol).

Actually, I felt a lot more comfortable than that one time a doctor had to look inside of me… which then hurt very much in a very unpleasant way.

The waxing itself wasn’t so bad. Since I’d have wax dripped on me before I didn’t think waxing off hair could be that painful. The wax felt a little hot and it did hurt a little when she pulled it off, especially when she started coming closer to the more sensitive areas. My legs would move in response to the pain sometimes although I really tried to keep them completely still. She kept on asking me if it was okay and I just wanted her to stop asking. It was fine. It was fine.

After it was done, she told me not to exercise for two days as sweat could increase the risk of infection.

And that was that. It wasn’t all that scary in the end. And I was quite happy to have all my hair removed down there! I sent Miss Lois a picture of the end result of course and felt very happy with my successful accomplishment of something that was initially really scary to me.

This was the result:


Xx MLSlavePuppet

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38 Replies to “Task: Wax your Bikini Area”

  1. Tom

    Believe it or not, I am getting Brazilian waxing today, in a couple of hours. Last year my Wife dared me to do it and even booked it, but didn’t believe I would do it and even tried to persuade me not to do it in the end (She didn’t forbid it though). Now I do it regularly during the warm part of the year, as per my Wife’s order (yeah, She likes it), and I quite like it myself, it makes me sweat less and I think even my dick looks better/bigger without the pubes. I also shave my armpits, same reason.

      • Tom

        Mostly because She knows the lady Who does it and they have mutual girlfriends, so, you know. She was sure I would chicken out. She also disliked the idea of another Woman holding my erect penis. She was sure I would embarrass myself by geting aroused and She was right. During my first waxing I was going between full and semi erections most of the time while She worked on me even though it was painful. To my excuse, it was the first time after more than 20 years that another Woman was touching me intimately and ordering me into very exposed positions. I was deeply ashamed (and turned on, I had zero control over it) even more so because I was also leaking precum and She had to wipe it. I appologized profoundly. But She’s a pro and She assured me it was not unussual and that She actually preferred for very small flaccid cocks to be erect because they were then easier to handle (you can imagine the effect this had on me, if I wasn’t hard already, I would get hard then).
        Since the first time I don’t get erect any more, I only get turned on a little in the beginning when She examines my genitals and when She works on the anus, apart from that I stay soft and small.

        Yes, being hairless in some places rules for more than one reason ?

        • MLSlavePuppet

          I think it’s so funny that she was sure that you would chicken out. Sounds like she miscalculated this one time, hehe.

          Did the person doing the wax respond at all to your erections? Oh I see, she reassured you. I was about to say that it probably isn’t unusual that this happens to men during a wax!

          Although her comment, lmao.

          • Tom

            My Wife’s friend only responded because I started to appologize, I am sure She wouldn’t say or do anything otherwise. She certainly did not shy away from grabing my dick and bending it at odd angles to expose the skin for waxing. The most embarassing moment came when She wiped a thick rope of precum from the tip with a tissue.
            Yeah, a perfect comment ?. I asked my Wife if Her friend mentioned anything to Her (I told Her how it went) and She said no. She claims the Girls never talk about such stuff among themselves, but I have my doubts…

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